Profane Shows Plenty Of Progress In Its Latest Development Roadmap Update

profane development roadmap 2022 character

Back in January, Insane Game Studios decided to replace the release windows in their Profane development roadmap with progress bars instead. This gave developers a way of updating players and fans on what they’ve been up to and what’s coming without causing undue disappointment when a feature doesn’t arrive as scheduled.

Well, it looks like the dev team has been pretty busy over the past few months as the latest update shows lots of green, filled up progress bars compared to January. Aside from character creation, the team has also completed and deployed the movement, basic combat, skills, and status systems. The HUD, environment, spawn, death, and chat systems are also nearing completion.

Work has also started on other key gameplay features including in-game items, gathering, advanced crafting, player housing, mobs, NPCs, points of interest, guilds, factions, and weather. All in all, it’s been a very productive four months for Insane as they begin the third phase of development.

profane sandbox mmorpg development roadmap may 2022

“The main goal of this Phase is to reintegrate a lot of the content we had on the Pre-Alpha, and it will focus mainly on Crafting and features that involve building,” said Insane on Discord. “This also means, of course, that you can expect tests over these features in the future. We will keep our ‘no dates’ policy to avoid unnecessary frustrations, but will still update you on our progress through the roadmap, alright?”

Sign-ups are still open for those who want to participate in future playtests. You’ll find the sign-up form here.