Prosperous Universe ‘Ignition’ Shipbuilding Update Will Launch On December 7th

prosperous universe ship orbit bannerProsperous Universe will be getting a massive content drop next week with the launch of the Ignition update. The update will introduce shipbuilding and will allow players to design and construct their own ships to ferry supplies across the massive sci-fi universe.

“We have liftoff! A new fleet of ships awaits you in your ever-expanding quest to conquer the unknown. Spaceship blueprints allow you to customize your ships to your liking, whether they be lightning fast or large enough to haul several metric tons of precious materials.”

The update will also introduce a damage model which will require players to take into account atmospheric heat, radiation, micrometroids, and gravity as they travel through the far reaches of space to establish new colonies.

Ignition will launch on December 7th, marking the end of First Access and the start of Early Access along with the game’s announced transition from free-to-play to a subscription-based business model.