Prosperous Universe Launches Into Early Access On February 24

prosperous universe biosphere bannerAfter four years in development, sci-fi economic MMORPG Prosperous Universe will finally be launching into Early Access on February 24. According to the full release notes, the Early Access version will feature a vast sandbox universe with over 4,000 planets, a new faction, and the new Company Headquarters.

The Early Access version will also come with numerous changes to ships, buildings, materials, and will introduce the new Core Module Kit to replace base-founding materials found in Starter Packages.

“To mitigate some of the COLIQ abuse potential of the starting materials we removed the materials necessary for founding a base from the starter packages,” says Simulogics. “CMKs are not tradable at CXs and cannot be used for anything else than starting the first base.”

Unfortunately, the game’s Early Access launch will require a full wipe to ensure that all players start off on equal footing. Early Access will also mark the game’s switch from free-to-play to a subscription-based business model.

Prosperous Universe soft-launched on PC as a buy-to-play title in December 2018 before transitioning to free-to-play in August 2019. Simulogics later announced that their funds are running dry and that they will need to switch to monthly subscriptions once the game hits Early Access.

The full release notes can be found on the Prosperous Universe official site. You’ll also find the official Early Access trailer below.