Puzzle Pirates: Dark Seas Adds A Touch Of Hardcore PvP Later This Year


Puzzle Pirates has never really been known as a hardcore MMORPG. It has charming graphics and almost everything you do in-game is done by playing a puzzle. It has a lot of deep systems, but it's never been particularly "hardcore."

That will all change later this year with the launch of a new ocean, the game's name its for servers, called "Dark Seas." Dark Seas will introduce the following changes to the game's core gameplay.

  • All players will be required to choose an alignment in the dark vs. light battle, and PvP between these two factions is automatic.
  • Shops can be demolished as part of the island takeover process, encouraging a robust turnover of managers and territory.
  • A new ocean layout to accompany the dark vs. light story, with some newly created islands to explore.
  • A Sea Monster Hunt rotation so that only one type is available at any time, to help concentrate player activity and voyages into a more condensed area of the game.
  • Poker will have greatly reduced buy-ins on this Ocean.
  • Dark Seas will be an isolated doubloon ocean where doubloon trades with our current oceans will not be enabled.
  • The ocean will be accessed via Steam and will not be connected to other doubloon oceans.

In other words, it will be a hardcore PvP server. Players will join one of two factions and take to the high seas, pillaging the other faction's islands and taking control of them. This new kind of ruleset seems to be exactly what the game needs in order to revitalize it.

The new ocean will be a separate entity that will have its own client released exclusively through Steam. Dubloons will not be transferable from existing oceans, nor will players on Dark Seas be able to trade with existing oceans.

You can read more about the upcoming ocean, Dark Seas, here.