Roguelike CCG Fate Hunters Is Gearing Up For Full Retail Release

fate hunters zombie goblin cardsAfter nearly a year in Steam Early Access, roguelike collectible card game Fate Hunters is finally transitioning to full retail release on July 18th. According to developer Tower Games, the full release will come with new cards, a new boss, new monsters, and a boatload of balance changes.

“Fate Hunters is a hardcore mix of a singleplayer deckbuilder and a roguelike adventure. Choose your character, craft a unique deck and risk exploring the mysterious Tower! Be prepared for a dangerous journey – your path to the Master is filled with tough monsters and cunning bosses. Face them in tactical card battles, avoid deadly traps and you’ll conquer powerful treasures to help you on your way to the top of the Tower.”

The game is currently on sale at 25% off as part of Steam’s annual Summer Sale. Check out the official Fate Hunters trailer below.