Sandbox Seafaring RPG Uncharted Waters Origin Begins Global Pre-Registrations

It's been over 2 years since its first round of closed beta testing and it looks like Uncharted Waters Origin is finally making its way to global launch. Pre-registrations are open now and anyone who registers up until February 20th gets some free in-game goodies. While the game is clearly designed as a mobile game, it will have a PC client as well and be available on Steam.

Uncharted Waters Origin is a sandbox seafaring RPG set in the 16th century's Age of Discovery. It's based on the same franchise as the oldschool PC MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online (which is still in service).

[Uncharted Waters Origin] Pre-Register Trailer

Uncharted Waters Origin is being published by Line Games and is developed by Koei Techmo, the same Japanese developer behind the PC MMORPG.

To offer players ever more immersive experience, Uncharted Waters Origin uses real-world big data such as the direction and speed of wind, currents and waves. Built with 4K graphics of Unreal Engine 4, the game presents famous figures from world history, and surrounding details in 2D illustrations and 3D models.

Over 104 fully orchestrated soundtracks including the original tracks by YoKo Kanno, adds to the immersive experience. Launched first in South Korea, Uncharted Waters Origin has won 4 awards the 2022 Korea Game Awards, including Grand Prize, Best Scenario and Sound category.

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