Space Survival Game Hellion To Be Playable For The First Time At Reboot Infogamer Conference


Space survival game Hellion will be playable for the first time at the Reboot InfoGamer Conference in Zagreb, Croatia. Unfortunately, Croatia is a bit far from my zip code. The first person explorer puts players in the suits of intrepid colonists, awakened from cryogenic sleep to discover a solar system devastated.

Natural selection hasn't prepared humanity to travel the stars with ease.

“Presenting Hellion to gamers at Reboot InfoGamer 2016 is another step in the journey of launching Hellion onto Steam early access in early 2017”, said Marko Smiljanic, Creative Director of Zero Gravity. “With 12 PC demo stations available to play on, gamers will be able to experience the space-survival sandbox game for the first time”.

Help from Earth won't arrive for at least hundred years, so the colonists must scavenge, steal, and fight to keep breathing. It's an attractive premise: one I only want to think about, never live.

Hellion has been approved on Steam Greenlight, so we can expect an Early Access release at some point.

While the game will only be playable for the first time at the conference you can watch some gameplay elements in the video below. As a sci-fi sucker I hope to wake up from a deep sleep and find myself in Hellion's universe.