Skyclimbers Is A Colorful New Indie Multiplayer RPG On Kickstarter

skyclimbers foryoku dynasty bannerA colorful new indie multiplayer online RPG called Skyclimbers is now making waves on Kickstarter. The project has raised over $259,000 as of this writing, with 6 days to go until the end of the crowdfunding campaign.

Skyclimbers touts itself as an anime-themed cross-platform multiplayer open-world city-building ARPG where players can choose from five playable classes, build their kingdom, and tame a variety of elemental monsters as they journey through a procedurally-generated world. The game also features elemental factions called Dynasties that appear to be inspired by The Last Airbender.

With an initial funding goal of just $25,000, the ongoing campaign has already unlocked a number of stretch goals, including the 4th and 5th classes, 100 additional monsters to tame, and a 48-player domination game mode. PvP Arenas and World Gyms will be unlocked at the $300K mark and a roguelike mode and mini-games upon reaching $350K.

Developer Paratrope has also partnered with Google Stadia and GeForce Now to bring the game to a wider audience.

Skyclimbers is expected to launch in Q4 2021 on PC and Q2 2022 on consoles. More information can be found on the game’s Kickstarter page.