Spellbreak Rolls Back Matchmaking Changes Made Over The Weekend

spellbreak fire gauntlet bannerProletariat apparently isn’t happy with the adjustments they made to the Spellbreak matchmaking system over the weekend and have opted to rollback any changes they made. The rollback is now complete and matchmaking should behave just as it did with the launch of Chapter 1: Spellstorm last week.

“Unfortunately, no matter what we tried, it wasn’t delivering a better experience for you or meeting the goals we outlined in our previous post. Ultimately, it wasn’t flexible enough to match players up appropriately and that’s not acceptable.”

Not everything will be going back to the way it was says the devs. Changes to bot behavior will remain in place along with a tweak that places Mage Rank 23 players in their own matchmaking pool allowing them to match with players of the same experience level.

Some players, however, were perfectly happy with the changes and are now complaining of long wait times and unbalanced matchmaking since the rollback. “I didn’t find anything wrong with it. Matchmaking was fast, and I felt it was balanced with players I came up against, fights were good,” said one player on Reddit. “Now lobbies take a while and I get wrecked by level 50s within a minute.”