Studiobside Unveils New Teaser Trailer For Upcoming Urban Fantasy Mobile RPG Counter Side

counter side mobile female swordsman

South Korean developer studiobside has just released a new teaser trailer for their flagship mobile game, Counter Side. Counter Side is a tactics-style mobile RPG where players from the “Normal Side” collect 2D characters to form teams that they can use to fight against the forces of an alternate universe called “Counter Side.”

According to MMOCulture, the battles themselves seems like they’re based on a grid system where players can strategically place and move their chosen characters on the battlefield. Players can collect and choose from 100 planned characters most of which will be unlockable using just in-game currency. All characters will also be hand-drawn and will feature unique voice-overs.

studiobside has just released a new cinematic teaser trailer with a bit of gameplay footage featured towards the end. Check it out just after the jump.