The Division Resurgence Introduces Its Version Of Post-Apocalyptic Manhattan

the division resurgence mobile shooter post-apocalyptic manhattan

The Division Resurgence, Ubisoft’s upcoming mobile version of The Division, just got a new cinematic trailer as the multiplayer shooter begins another closed beta test. The beta test will run from now until December 22nd and will allow testers to experience a big chunk of the game with story missions, tons of open-world content, and the Dark Zone PvPvE instance now up for testing.

This round of beta testing won’t be covered by an NDA so expect to see actual gameplay footage and screenshots pop up all over the internet over the next few days and weeks. Interested players can still throw their name into the hat by signing-up on the official site.

While Resurgence is also set in Manhattan and follows the same plotlines as the original game, Ubisoft says that it will feature an entirely different and separate campaign that offers “a new perspective” on the key story events that took place in the PC version. You can find out more about the new campaign and The Division Resurgence’s version of the Manhattan campaign in the new trailer below.

The Division Resurgence: Official World Introduction Trailer