The EVE Online Triglavian Invasion Arc Comes To An End With Quadrant 4: Phoenix

eve online quadrant phoenix keyart banner

After months of fending off the Triglavian Collective’s attacks, EVE Online players will finally see the end of the year-long Triglavian Invasion story arc with the release of Quadrant 4: Phoenix. The latest quadrant is now live bringing with it a series of free content updates throughout the rest of the year.

“Quadrant 4: Phoenix thrusts EVE pilots into a universe ravaged by war, amidst the embers and wreckage of a Triglavian invasion that has profoundly affected the lives of New Eden’s citizens. In the aftermath of their invasion, the Triglavian Collective’s usurping of many star systems has irrevocably changed the landscape of New Eden. Pilots have joined their cause, taken up arms against them, and in some cases have been forced to relocate to other systems. In the wake of interstellar travel disruptions across the cluster, some systems will be permanently inaccessible through conventional means.”

The Phoenix Quadrant introduces a major update to Supercarriers which includes a visual update to the massive ships and the introduction of a new tactical clone ability. The new cloning ability will allow players to immediately respawn on a new ship docked inside a local fleet Supercarrier. PvP players can also expect new content for the Abyssal Proving Grounds as well as the return of Yoiul Festival and Crimson Harvest in-game events.

CCP will also be rolling out meta changes, visual updates, login campaigns, and other events over the next few weeks. The resource distribution changes revealed earlier this month are also now live on the servers.

Check out the official Phoenix Quadrant trailer below. You can also head over to the EVE Online official site for more info.