Ubisoft Launches The Division 2 Augmented Reality App On Facebook Messenger

the division 2 capitol burningCan’t get enough of The Division 2? Well, Ubisoft has just released a Facebook Messenger app that will allow fans to dive deeper into the game’s narrative. Through the use of augmented reality, GPS, and a Messenger bot, The Division 2 Echo Experience immerses players deeper into the lives of those affected by the outbreak.

“Through more than 50 different stories, users will discover the everyday lives of the civilians of Washington D.C. seven months after the virus outbreak that hit New York City. Multiple Points of Interest such as grocery stores, schools, gas stations or banks, can be found in each of the cities integrating the experience. Users will be provided their location coordinates thanks to an integrated GPS.”

Users will earn exclusive in-game items and rewards as they unlock Echo stories using their mobile devices. These rewards will automatically be unlocked via the Ubisoft Club when The Division 2 officially launches on March 15th.

Access the app from your mobile device through this link: m.me/TheDivisiongame