UE4-Upgraded Blade And Soul Revival Launching In Q3 2021

blade and soul revival act xi part 2 art bannerThe highly-awaited Blade and Soul UE4 upgrade, dubbed Blade and Soul Revival, will be arriving in the third quarter of this year according to the new Revival microsite. The upgraded version will not only feature better graphics but will also feature faster loading times and various optimizations that should reduce the lag issues in the current version of the game.

“Blade & Soul currently runs on a single-core engine. This has made it difficult to implement light and sophisticated UI, realistic and detailed visuals, and clean optimization. It has also limited development for our team,” explained NC. “We have prided ourselves as pioneers in the industry, but the more burden we put on the engine, the worse the experience became.”

“We understood the problems but changing the game engine would mean resetting the development environment. We believed it would be best for our fans and our future, but this would mean starting from scratch to realign our development pipelines. It would mean a lot of hard work. So that is what we did,” they added.

Aside from a new engine, Revival will also come with a more intuitive UI, improved character designs, the ability to freely change between classes, newly-designed dungeons, and the long-awaited Act XI sequel.

“In Act XI Part 2, players can expect even more of the mystery and beauty of the Divine Realm to be explored, and long-lost ties will be found anew. Untold stories will unravel as players move ever closer to their final battle and journey to the Lake of Reflection.”

NC’s plans to update the game to UE4 was first announced in December 2019. Korean players got their first taste of the UE4-version in February 2020 with the launch of Blade and Soul Complete via the Frontier World server. Last month, NC announced that they were shutting down the server, fueling rumors that the UE4 project has been scrapped. The studio, however, assured the community that the project was still alive and will be arriving in Korea in June.

Check out the Blade and Soul Revival microsite for more info. You can also take a quick look at the upcoming visual improvements in the pair of videos below.