Using Third-Party Software To Multibox In World Of Warcraft Is Now An Actionable Offense

world of warcraft party sync bannerBlizzard Entertainment has just updated their policy to make multi-boxing a whole lot harder to get away with in World of Warcraft. Technically, it’s the third-party software itself that’s illegal but it does make life more difficult for botters and RMT traders. Blizzard explains in a recent post on the official site:

“As World of Warcraft has evolved, our policies have also evolved to support the health of the game and the needs of the players. We’ve examined the use of third-party input broadcasting software, which allows a single keystroke or action to be automatically mirrored to multiple game clients, and we've seen an increasingly negative impact to the game as this software is used to support botting and automated gameplay. The use of input broadcasting software that mirrors keystrokes to multiple WoW game clients will soon be considered an actionable offense. We believe this policy is in the best interests of the game and the community.”

Warnings will initially be issued to players caught using the aforementioned software which will then escalate to account actions which include the suspension or permanent ban of all involved accounts. “We strongly advise you to cease using this type of software immediately to maintain uninterrupted access to World of Warcraft. Thank you for your understanding.”