Valiance Online Moves Into Alpha Phase, Planned Business Model Revealed


In a recent dev blog post, Valiance Online Executive Producer, Programming Director, and Creative Director IronSight announced the game’s move from pre-alpha to alpha and also discussed development progress on the game.

“We’re now moving into the “alpha” phase of production, and taking all we’ve learned and experienced during pre-alpha production. Last month we focused on many of the core fundamentals of the Valiance Online game experience. The most important of them being character creation, gameplay, content, and atmosphere. We've been working to give each of these pillars the appropriate amount of attention to ensure our upcoming alpha release is in excellent shape for an Early Access release on Steam. We still have a significant amount of work to do, but are definitely showcasing a quality product.”

In addition, as the game’s producer, IronSight also revealed the planned business model for the sci-fi themed MMO confirming that the game will remain free-to-play. “The first major business announcement that I’d like to share is that Valiance Online will be free-to-play,” says IronSight. “After many consultations, research and studying, our management team has concluded that it’s the best fit for the product. We will, however, still include premium accounts with various perks, and launch with a few special launch packs.”

Watch official gameplay footage from Valiance Online in the video below or jump on over to the dev blog to read the entirety of IronSight's post.