Villagers & Heroes releases a new trailer for their Starfall update

villagers and heroes starfall

Villagers & Heroes, a game focused on City residents and Villains, has released a new trailer for their much-awaited Starfall Update! Still estimated to launch Late Summer 2017, a press release sent out highlights some of the key points of this new update are-

  • A Class overhaul with new talent trees and in-depth progression
  • Class Specializations
  • Class Ultimates
  • New zones to explore (nine of them!)
  • New story-focused quest content
  • Level cap is now 90
  • New loot system
  • New item stats, and rune system
  • Removed Repair costs
  • New World Map
  • General UI Improvements and enhancements!

You can find the full list of all the new features that are due to arrive here, and the full trailer down below! Clearly, quite a bit is in store for the cross-platform MMORPG, and perhaps after this update, cross-platform support for iOS devices will be hot on the heels of the Starfall update...