VR MMO Neon Exile Announces PvP Beta Test And Game Update Coming On May 10

neon exile city window bannerAfter Mythical City Games launched SpatialOS VR MMO Neon Exile into Early Access in July 2019, the studio abruptly fell off the grid and has been silent ever since. Earlier this week, the studio emerged from their cocoon of silence with news of the second PvP Team Battle beta test.

The free beta test will kick off on May 10 and will run for a whole week. During the test, players will have access to a massive 144 sq. km virtual world where everything they do and build will be persistent. Players will be given the choice of siding with either the Vanguard or the Exile team and will not be able to change teams for the duration of the test. The goal is to destroy all of the opposing team’s generators using an EMP bomb. Generators can be rebuilt when they’re destroyed.

If you’re interested, you can sign up for the beta test here.

As for the game itself, the team announced that they will be rolling out an update on the same day the beta test starts. The update will introduce two new advanced training missions and several behind-the-scenes improvements that will pave the way for future game improvements and new persistent world and multiplayer features.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the game, Neon Exiles is a sci-fi MMO with VR support currently in-development by Vancouver-based development studio, Mythical City Games. The game is available for $24.99 on Steam. A VR-only demo is also available for free if you want to take the game for a spin.

“Build, climb, explore and fight back against a robotic threat in an open-world persistent MMO created from the ground up for VR. This is the world of Neon Exile, a world where your actions matter because anything you build, craft or even drop, will persist in a single shared multiplayer instance of this groundbreaking dystopian world.”

You can also check out the trailer below for actual alpha footage of the PvP Team Battle mode.