Warhammer Odyssey Previews Shadow Warrior Class In New Dev Blog

warhammer odyssey shadow warrior bannerIt’s been a few months since we’ve heard from Virtual Realms and their upcoming MMORPG, Warhammer Odyssey. Since August last year, the studio has been releasing monthly dev blogs showcasing the game and its playable classes. Today, Virtual Realms picks up where they left off last year with a new developer blog showing off the Shadow Warrior class.

“Following the devastation of their homeland during the Sundering, the remaining loyal sons and daughters of Nagarythe swore an oath that they and their descendants would stop at nothing to defeat Malekith’s treacherous forces. Thus, the Shadow Warriors were born. The most sinister of their kind, their ruthless tactics leave them alienated from the rest of their Elven kin.

Masters of guerilla warfare and deception, these ill-fated warriors ambush from the shadows to strike at their foes with sword or bow. Shadow Warriors are highly agile which makes them very hard to hit and able to position themselves to land devastating killing blows before quickly slipping away into the shadows.”

The Shadow Warrior is a hybrid ranged and melee fighter with the ability to use 2-handed bows to pick off targets from afar and dual-wield swords when getting up close and personal with the enemy. They employ roots and snares to keep enemies at bay, and stealth, evasion, and critical attacks to make quick work of their opponents.

Check out the Warhammer Odyssey official site for more info. We've also included the official teaser trailer just in case you want to watch it again.