Wild Terra 2 Early Access Launch Delayed To January 2021

wild terra 2 log house bannerHere’s disappointing news for Wild Terra 2 fans, and on Thanksgiving of all days. Juvty Worlds has just announced their decision to delay the game’s early access launch to January 28th next year. The game was initially planned for release in December but was pushed back to next year to give the developers more time to polish the game and add more content.

“We want to maximize the quality of the game before the Early Access release, and this will require a number of changes and bug fixes. Also, we will add a lot of new content!

The wipe before the next round of testing will take place on December 14th. During the wipe, we will improve the game balance, adjust rates and some prices in game currency. This wipe and new testing phase will help make WT2 even better! The last wipe – January 26th, 48h before Early Access launch. Pack owners will be able to start playing at that time, and others will be able to join on Jan. 28th by purchasing the game on Steam.”

Wild Terra 2 is a sequel/reboot of Wild Terra and promises the best features of the original game with better visuals and a more modern take on the latter’s survival sandbox gameplay. Head over to the Wild Terra 2 Steam page for more info.