World Of Warcraft Devs Explain How Conduits Work In Shadowlands

world of warcraft covenant skills bannerThe World of Warcraft Shadowlands launch is less than a month away but there are still a few things that are unclear about the upcoming expansion. One of these is how Conduits will actually work in the game. Fret not because Blizzard Entertainment has just posted a brief overview about Conduits on the official forums.

Basically, Conduits are like wildcards that players can insert into Soulbind trees to further customize them to fit their playing style. Conduits, like other items in the game, have item levels that indicate how powerful the Conduit is. The higher the item level, the more powerful it is. They can be acquired from several endgame sources including raid bosses, dungeon bosses, World Quests, PvP vendors, and Callings.

Once acquired, they then go to a Collection so players don’t have to repeatedly work to earn individual Conduits at a certain item level. They are considered as personal loot, are class-based, and are non-tradeable.

You can find out more about Conduits on the World of Warcraft official forums.