World Of Warcraft Previews New Priest Talent Trees Coming In Dragonflight

world of warcraft dragonflight shadow priest tree preview

Blizzard Entertainment continues to pump out World of Warcraft: Dragonflight feature previews as we inch ever closer to the expansion’s launch later this year. The latest preview shows off the new and improved Priest Talent Tree that’s coming to the game as part of Dragonflight’s Talent system overhaul.

As Blizzard previously noted, the upcoming changes to the Talent system are designed to give players more choices and flexibility in customizing their builds. There will be guardrails in place to guide player choices but they’ll be given enough freedom that there’s still the chance of creating a build that’s totally trash.

For the Priest’s Talents and Abilities, the team will be bringing back old favorites and introducing new skills to give players access to builds that wouldn’t have been possible in the current version. The team will also be pruning skills from the tree, including Dark Thoughts which will be removed from the Shadow Priest skillset.

“The core tree presents new choices that weren't previously available for some specializations, such as: Shadowfiend, Shadowflame Prism, Holy Nova, Twins of the Sun Priestess, and more,” said Blizzard. “On the specialization side of things, we've remixed some old and new spells that should reward and emphasize the choices you made throughout level-up.”

“Dark Thoughts placed a large emphasis on Mind Flay and made it feel mandatory to keep it always channeled to roll for a proc,” added the studio. “That said, we'd like to make sure that Shadow retains some variety and surprise in their rotation so we're trying a new approach: Vampiric Insight”

You can check out the Priest Talent Tree preview on the World of Warcraft official site.