World of Speed Delayed Indefinitely


We're a bit late to cover this but better late than never. According to a post on the World of Speed forums the game is being delayed indefinitely. Not only that, but the game's entire forum is also being locked - meaning users won't be able to reply to or create new topics. The reason being provided for the freeze is that the game didn't meet's standards. World of Speed also disappeared from the homepage. Those following the development of World of Speed shouldn't be too surprised by this revelation, as the game's homepage hasn't been updated with a new item since March 3, 2016.

Many users have speculated that this means the game is permanently dead, and while I believe that's the most likely possibility, World of Speed could be redeveloped and relaunched sometime in the future. I mean, the game looks gorgeous visually and based on the videos released, there's something there. Perhaps some tweaking and designing could save it.

It's unfortunate that the folks over at didn't provide more transparency on the issue. World of Speed may be joining the MMO Graveyard before it even launched; a place littered with numerous other racing games such as Need For Speed: World, Project Torque, and many others.