World of Warcraft announces Midsummer Fire Festival Event

World of Warcraft's Midsummer Fire Festival has returned once again, and this year it brings with it four new events, from battles to toys to pets.

  • Wrath of the Frost Lord - a battle where players over 60 can fight a souped-up version of Frost Lord Ahune
  • Feel the Burn - For 500 Burning Blossoms, you too can have your very own Set of Matches. Blizzard recommends you purchased a Kevlar jacket as well.
  • An Elemental Friend - A new pet is available for players, the Igneous Flameling, featuring a host of fire-related skills for pet battles.
  • Praise the Fire! -  New Bonfires have been lit all across Draenor and the Broken Isles, bring a whole new slew of PvP and achievements along with it.

The event will run from June 21st until July 5th, so be sure to experience all the Midsummer Fire Festival has to offer! Hopefully it'll be less of a pain than the Fyre Festival...