ZeroSpace Is A New Sci-fi MMORTS From Former Starcraft 2 Pro Players

zerospace armored riflemen

Indie developer Starlance Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new sci-fi MMORTS called ZeroSpace. The studio was founded by former esports professionals and influencers including StarCraft 2 pro players CatZ and Scarlett, mod developer Maguro, and YouTuber Grant of Giant Grant Games.

The game itself promises an epic sci-fi narrative, four main factions, six mercenary factions, and multiple game modes including a single-player campaign, massively multiplayer co-op mode, and PvP. It will also feature an expansive lore, branching narratives, and RPG elements similar to that of the Baldur’s Gate and Mass effect series.

“ZeroSpace is a cinematic RTS with an epic sci-fi story where your decisions determine the fate of the galaxy. No two matches play the same thanks to nearly limitless combinations of factions, mercenary units and heroes, introducing unparalleled strategic depth and player expression to the genre.”

The highlight feature of the game is a galactic warfare mode that the studio describes as a “galactic tug of war” set in a massive persistent galaxy where thousands of players can work or fight against each other in massive co-op and PvP battles. However, it’s worth noting that game mode is part of the campaign’s higher-tiered stretch goals, and one that’s not even on the list yet.

As of this writing, the ZeroSpace crowdfunding campaign has managed to rake in over $316,000 from nearly 4,000 backers, unlocking three of the campaign’s eight stretch goals. The galactic warfare mode is presumably the eighth and final stretch goal which will be unlocked at some point after backers surpass the $500K mark.

More information can be found on the ZeroSpace official site and Kickstarter page.