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Alaplaya is a smaller division of a larger German multimedia company, Hubert Burda Media. Alaplaya has published titles from well known game developers aimed primarily at European audiences. Despite that, their website and games are also offered in English so Americans often play on their servers. As of July, 2014 Alaplaya merged with Aeria Games Entertainment. Player accounts from Alaplaya will be moved to Aeria and Aeria will acquire most of Alaplaya's titles.

Official Site: Alaplaya.com
Company Size: Small (Around 50 Employees)
Region(s): North America, Europe
Year Founded: 2003
Phone Number: +49-89-9250-3971
Email: info@burda-ic.com

Hubert Burda Media has been around since the late 1890's but recently in 2003 decided to form a game publishing division for the European market. Their servers don't block IP addresses which allows people who reside anywhere in the world to access their games. The company publishes free to play MMOs and MMORPGs exclusively. They were one of the first European companies to license and publish free to play titles. Alaplaya merged with AeriaGames in mid July, 2014, Solidifying Aeria's position as one of the biggest free to play publishers in North America. Despite their U.S. headquarters, their games are available in Europe and South America as well.

Client Games

Client Games (Download to play) From Alaplaya currently in service:

None. Alaplaya is not a part of Aeria Games. Their games can be found there.

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No Download) From Alaplaya currently in service:


Mobile Games

Mobile Games From Alaplaya currently in service:


Upcoming Games

Games Coming Soon from Alaplaya 


Retired Games

Games no longer published by Alaplaya. Some of these are available through other publishers.

Avalon Heroes
Racing Star: Come on Baby
Land of Chaos Online
Fantasy Tennis
Audition Online
Ragnarok Online EU
DC Universe Online
EverQuest 2
Gunz 2
Planetside 2
S4 League

Contact Information

Alaplaya Contact Information

Email: info@burda-ic.com
Phone Number:
Corporate Address (EU): Arabellastraße 23, 81925 Munich Germany

Useful Links
Alaplaya Official Site