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GamesCampus is the publishing and distributing branch of game development company, OnNet USA. GamesCampus offers various games through their portal site and mainly uses a microtransaction-based business model and is known for their multi-genre games for players of all ages, all over the world.

Official Site: gamescampus.com
Company Size: Small (< 50 Employees)
Region(s): North America
Year Founded: 2006
Phone Number: (408) 456-0119
Email: pr@gamescampus.com

GamesCampus was founded in 2006 as a means to publish the games that OnNet USA develop to the North American market. While they are a small company, they boast multiple online games with very active communities. They have also started to publish games not developed by their parent company, with Rumble Fighter being the latest acquisition. GamesCampus offers various games for different types of players, having golfing, fishing, and the more traditional action-based MMORPG. Since early 2016, GamesCampus began shutting down most of their titles with RedFox Games picking up the service for most of these shut down games.

Client Games

Client Games (Download to play) From GamesCampus currently in service:

Shot Online

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No Download) From GamesCampus currently in service:

Mobile Games

Mobile Games From GamesCampus currently in service:

Upcoming Games

Games Coming Soon from GamesCampus

Tartaros Online

Retired Games

Games no longer published by GamesCampus. Some of these may be available by other publishers.

Ecol Tactics
Tank Ace
MLB Dugout Heroes
Scarlet Legacy
Concerto Gate
Fishing Champ
Xiah Rebirth
Manga Fighter
World Fishing Tour
Asda 2
Rumble Fighter
RF Online
Drift City

Contact Information

GamesCampus Contact Information

Email: pr@gamescampus.com
Phone Number:
 (408) 456-0119
Corporate Address (USA): 530 Lakeside Dr, Suite 230, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 United States

Useful Links
GamesCampus Official Site
OnNet Official Site (Parent Company)