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gamigo AG is one of the leading companies in free-to-play online games, encompassing both browser and client-based games. Being one of the first European companies to discover the market, they established their headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. They boast 10+ games with over 10 million registered users, and a staff of 80 with 300 volunteers.

Official Site: Gamigo.com
Company Size: Small (About 80 Employees and over 300 Volunteers)
Region(s): North America, Europe
Year Founded: 2001
Phone Number: +49 40 411885 – 0
Email: info@gamigo.com

gamigo AG was founded in 2000 originally as an online gaming publication but in 2001 would publish its first game, "Die 4, Offenbarung". The German based company focuses on MMORPGs by licensing games for a North American and European playerbase. In 2010 gamigo launched its first self-produced MMOG, Cultures Online. While the company has its roots in Germany, they expanded to New York City by founding gamigo Inc.

Client Games

Client Games (Download to play) From gamigo currently in service:

Fiesta Online
Heroes in the Sky
King of Kings 3
Last Chaos
Loong Dragonblood
Regnum Online

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No Download) From gamigo currently in service:

Cultures Online
Jagged Alliance Online
Pirate Galaxy

Mobile Games

Mobile Games From gamigo currently in service:

Upcoming Games

Upcoming Games to come From gamigo:

UFO Online
Soul Master

Retired Games

Games no longer published by gamigo. Some of these are available through other publishers.

Black Prophecy
Dungeon Empires
Level R
Magic Campus
Martial Empires
Patrician Online
Shot Online
The Witcher: Versus
War of Angels

Contact Information

gamigo AG Contact Information

Email: info@gamigo.com
Phone Number (EU):+49 40 411885 – 0
Fax Number (EU): +49 40 411885 – 255
Corporate Address (EU): Behringstrasse 16b, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

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