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GTArcade is global game publisher that focuses primarily on mobile and browser games. Their first major title, League of Angels, is extremely popular despite it's blatant stealing of art and music from other well-known games, and currently has over 400 servers.

Official Site: GTArcade Homepage
Company Size: Large
Region(s): Global
Year Founded: 2009
Phone Number: +86-21-3367-6512 Ext.8022
Email: support@gtarcade.com

Both GTArcade Entertainment and GTArcade.com are the propriety of YOUZU Games Hong Kong. Youzu was founded in 2009 and has a branch offices in Germany, Singapore, Turkey, Japan, and South Korea. Youzu is a large publicly traded firm listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange since 2014 in Mainland China with over $450M in revenue world-wide. They are listed on the stock market under the ticker '002174:CH'. GTArcade is the company's platform for markets outside of their home country. While the company started off primary focusing on browser games, it now primarily develops and publishes mobile games and boasts over 1 billion registered users worldwide.

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No download) from GTArcade currently in service:

League of Angels
League of Angels 2
League of Angels 3
Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Client Games

Client Games (Download to play) From GTArcade currently in service:

Mobile Games

Mobile Games from GTArcade

Legacy of Discord
Era of Celestials
League of Angels: Origins
Rangers of Oblivion

Retired Games

Games no longer published by GTArcade. Some of these are available through other publishers.

Knight's Fable
Hero Commander
League of Angels Fire Raiders
Spirit Guardian
Stellar Striker

Contact Information

GTArcade Contact Information

Primary Contact Email: support@gtarcade.com

Phone Number: +86-21-3367-6512 Ext.8022
Corporate Address: Dept 906, 196 High Road, Wood Green, London, N22 8HH

Useful Links
GTArcade Homepage


  • Mage Realm-Great game, great design and concept! The reality of being a player? ZERO customer service, developers changing from on day to another the structure of the game, frauding the players, making them pay twice for same item, after changing the rules and the features. If by any chance you get in the situation of having an issue, especially payment issues, nobody cares, endless tickets with nothing but delays and in the end Problem remain Unsolved. That is the reality of a fantastic game, but unfortunately, very poorly managed.

    This was my comment on their facebook page and it was removed 5 min later! Love the game, but GTarcade is not be trusted.

  • yes thanks a bunch for the warning 😀

  • Pop Anamaria's comment is 100% Dead Accurate. The is massive fraud and penalization towards loyal cash playing customers. They are known for rolling out new servers for new player where everybody is blissfully unaware and easy to exploit. In the mean time older servers only contain a small following of loyal customers which have a hard time walking away from this game, do to the massive amount of money they have spent on it. The Development and Support team behind this game is extremely unprofessional on many levels. There's a lot of things going with is either 1). Gross Incompetence or 2). Deceptive fraud tactics played out to look like Incompetence. Anybody playing this game should get out it. They also play mental games with your perception of value over virtual items. They extremely over value or price an item in one event, only to lower it in following events. Basically, this results in you feeling like you just scored an amazing deal for obtaining a $300.00 item for a mere $40.00. In the mean time you'll find yourself lured and baited into making multiple recharge purchases for Casino Style Gambling events to obtain these items. You'll find that free play get's you close to some amazing items, but you'll need to fork over more money. So it's a sort of bait and lure tactic going on. In the mean actual meaningful game play with your character, is pretty lame, dead and meaningless. Stay away from this Game and all Game titles put out by this company.

  • I played this game for the last 15 days. Chaz Scholton is right, in that everything is built around luring you to spend more money. That's the whole point of a pay to win game. I knew that beforehand, so if I really minded that I won't have played. But after the first two weeks, events just stop and there just isn't much to gain anymore without paying massive amounts of cash.

    Conclusion: Two weeks of fun, costing me about 100-200 dollars.

  • Good game(s) ran by an awful company, developed by monkeys.

    I've played a couple of their games and both times there has been issues which effect the players greatly.

    They don't use the Ticket system on LOA2 and instead tell you to use the forums (which by the way, not everybody uses) oh, you also have to find that out by going to their forums.

    The mods on the forums either think the players lack the knowledge of simple client end fixes or simply ignore what you say.
    The developers of the game introduce bug after bug within their updates which was mentioned at the start of this post.
    The most recent screw up was them resetting the Check-In & the Login Accumulator which is only good towards the end of the month, now the players will not see those rewards again until next month!
    They introduce events and if there is an issue which means they lose money, they fix it within 24 hours, if it's a bug that means we lose out, they take forever to do so.

    All in all, they're money grabbing so an so's.

    I warn anyone who does want to play their game(s) not to invest, it's badly run by GTArcade.

  • Well I wish I had found this site 7 months ago before I spent what I did to play Magerealm only to find out that they are only keeping the game open because they are still making money. This is very sad to those long time players and to any new players now joining. Chen does not even have the courtesy of answering his moderators in Magerealm and they are being abused daily because they do not have the answers for the players. Well I would suggest no one play Magerealm and no on help support GTArcade in the future or until we get answers as to what the future holds for paying customers.

  • I agree with Chaz and many others. I have played games by this company for years, playing Magerealm since almost the beginning. I have spent money, now wish I had not. I do not recommend any game by GTarcade as there are always issues and bugs that are not fixed. This present 'silent strangulation' of Magerealm just infuriates me as I spent MANY hours with friends enjoying the game. I give this company a one star. I no longer invite my friends to play and feel bad that I ever recommended it.

  • I have played Knight’s Fable for almost 3 years now. Absolutely the best game ever. We have a wonderful community of people and my alliance is like my family. Support was great at first, but as they released other games, such as League of Angels, our support lowered. GTA dropped all support and events in January because they now make all their money on LOA 2. Now, we have heard that they are secretly panning on closing our game in 3 months. I really hope that people will see this and realize that they will eventually do the same with LOA 2 and Magerealm. We all need to join together and BAN GTA until they learn how to treat their players- the very people who PAID them to play their games. If you don’t think it will happen to you on your game, just watch. Oh, and by the way, rumor has it they MIGHT offer VIPS to come over to one of their other games. Well, here is my opinion: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again, expecting a different outcome. So, no I will not change over to another of their games. I treat people the way I would like to be treated. I only wish GTA did the same.Oh, and by the way, after reading comments on their Facebook page from players of their other games, they do this to everyone. Why people play GTA games is beyond me, but I do believe in KARMA!

  • As concerning League of Angels II... all that the previous commentators as well as Chaz Scholton are correct and warnings should be heeded. DO NOT INVEST ANY $$MONEY$$ IN THESE GAMES!!! NNOOO!!! After the 4th and 5th time of getting screwed in battles where you clearly won but it says you lost and even in the replay you won... I'm done!! So glad I did not invest ANY MONEY in this game!!!

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