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NCSoft is one of the leading global publishers of various MMORPGs. Originally specializing in one-time purchase games, NCSoft has been able to adapt to both subscription and free-to-play models, freely changing for what they feel is best for the livelihood of a game. Known for releasing various popular franchises, their current big hit is the ArenaNet developed Guild Wars franchise.

Official Site: us.ncsoft.com
Company Size: Large (>3,000 Employees)
Region(s): Global
Year Founded: 1997
Phone Number: 512-225-6359
Email: webmaster@ncsoft.com

Originally founded as a Korean development and publishing company in 1997, NCSoft has become of the the biggest gaming companies in the world. With numerous subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, and China just to name a few, NCSoft has spread out to become a global juggernaut. Currently, there are over 3,000 employees and NCSoft's revenues have been steadily increasing every year. This does not mean every game is a superstar however, as in 2012, they closed down City of Heroes. NCSoft has lately focused more on publishing rather than their own development. Only the future will tell what new franchises they are able to pick up and distribute.

Client Games

Client Games (Download to play) From NCSoft currently in service:

Blade & Soul
Guild Wars
Guild Wars 2
Lineage 2

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No Download) From NCSoft currently in service:

Upcoming Games

Upcoming Games to come From NCSoft:

Lineage Eternal
Master x Master
Project HON

Retired Games

Games no longer published by NCSoft. Some of these are available through other publishers.

Jan Ryu Mon
Auto Assault
Dragon Runners
Point Blank
Rabula Rasa
City of Heroes

Contact Information

NCSoft Contact Information

Email: webmaster@ncsoft.com
Telephone Number: 512-225-6359
Corporate Address: 3180 139th Ave SE, Suite 500, Bellevue, WA 98005

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