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ASTA Online

ASTA Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG based on Asian mythology where players embark on quests to foil the plot of evil forces across Asian-inspired landscapes and dungeons inhabited by dangerous creatures and huge bosses.

Publisher: Move Games
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Fantasy MMORPG
Release Date: April 26, 2017 (Move Games) March 02, 2016 (Webzen),
Shut Down Date: October 4, 2016
PvP: Faction / Duels / Battlegrounds/ Arenas/ GvG
Pros: +Great graphics and detailed environments. +Huge challenging bosses. +Unique story inspired by Asian mythology.
Cons: -Generic and grindy gameplay. -Race-locked classes. -Recycled NPCs and voice-overs. -Broken translations.


ASTA Online Overview

Embark on a quest to save the mythical land of Samsara from the wrath of an evil god in ASTA Online, a 3D fantasy MMORPG inspired by Asian legends and myths. Choose from one of six races divided into two warring factions and take your pick from five playable classes, each with their own sub-classes. Journey to the far reaches of Samsara in service of your faction and explore a rich and vibrant world teeming with unique creatures from Asian mythology, explore vast dungeons, and battle huge monsters and bosses. Experience hardcore faction-based open-world PvP or battle it out in the controlled environments of battlegrounds and arenas. Asta Online shut down on October 4, 2016, but relaunched on April 26, 2017 through Move Games on Steam.

ASTA Online Key Features:

  • Asian-Inspired MMORPG – travel through a world filled with Asian architecture and mobs inspired by Asian myths and legends.
  • Dynamic Quests – take on quests that automatically appear when you enter certain areas.
  • Two Warring Factions – choose from one of two factions inhabiting separate continents with a vast ocean in between. Expect fast-paced open-world PvP when the two factions finally meet.
  • Huge Bosses – take on huge elite monsters and bosses that can prove to be a challenge even when they telegraph their attacks.
  • Mount & Pet System – acquire unique pets and mounts, from adorable kittens and squirrels to angry-looking dragons and warbirds.
  • Treasure Hunting – join the ranks of treasure hunters and scour the whole of Samsara for hidden treasures containing unique and powerful items.

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ASTA Online Classes

Warrior – a melee class with balanced offensive and defensive skills. They can wield a variety of weapons and can equip heavy armor.

Rogue – a melee class adept at quickly taking out single targets by using stealth, targeting enemy weak points, and by using poisons.

Archer – a ranged class skilled at keeping out of sight and picking off enemies from long range. They can knockback enemies who manage to get too close.

Mage – a powerful ranged class that can use the power of nature to deal massive damage to enemies. Asu mages are adept at fire and lightning spells while Ora mages prefer dark and ice spells.

Healer – a support class that can use the energy around them to heal their allies even at great distances. They can also inflict continuous damage on enemies and use buffs on themselves and their allies.

Factions and Races:

Asu – a faction that believes in the goddess Arita, the Wheel of Life, and Nirvana. The continent of the same name is where Arita woke up when she was expelled from the heavens.

  • Humans – a clever and gentle race with no special abilities but can adapt to anything through hard work and discipline. Humans can play as any of the five classes.
  • Draconians – a warlike race with a distinct dragon-like appearance. They pride themselves on being descendants of the Sapphire Dragon. Draconians can only play as Warriors and can only create male characters.
  • Tigerians – a clever and joyful race in spite of their beast-like appearances. They are adept in the arts of assassination and ambushes. Tigerians only have access to the Rogue and Archer classes.

Ora – a faction born from Umra, the god of death who was separated from Arita’s being when she was cast down from the heavens.

  • Humans – human in appearance but couldn’t be more different from the Asu humans. Their absolute faith in the Onyx Dragon and their strict hierarchy leaves them with no room for love. Ora Humans, like the Asu, have access to all classes.
  • Doka – a race with a natural aptitude for combat and guided by the simple principle of taking what they want and destroying what they don’t. Dokas can only play as Warriors and Rogues and can only create male characters.
  • Yayo – a dignified race that regard themselves as the children of dreams and stars. Yayos have access to the Mage and Healer classes.

Full Review

Asta Online Review

By, Marc Marasigan

ASTA Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG set in the mythical world of Samsara, a world-based on Asian mythology. Samsara was divided into two continents when its people rose up against the gods and lost. Each of the continents are now inhabited by a number of races divided into two factions who have since been at odds with each other.

The game runs on CryEngine 3 and features great-looking graphics as well as rich, detailed, and vibrant Asian-inspired environments. The visuals are on par with TERA, but not what I would expect from a 2016 MMORPG running on CryEngine 3. Background music is generic at best and the voice-overs, as well as the NPCs, are constantly re-used throughout the game. One small detail that I like is that Asta has cute sound effects for simple things like opening menus or dragging and dropping items from the hotbar which is typically overlooked in most MMOs.

Faction Before Bl… Err Wrong Story

Players start off by choosing between one of two factions, the Asu or the Ora. Players then choose from one of the three available races per faction before choosing their class which is race-dependent. Humans, which are available for both factions, have access to all the classes while the remaining classes have access to only one or two. How this affects the faction balance still remains to be seen. Once players have chosen their faction, race, and class, they can then start customizing their characters. ASTA Online gives players plenty of options for customization, not as in-depth as TERA or Black Desert, but still enough to make a relatively unique-looking character.

Fallen Heroes

After creating their characters players are treated to a quick cut-scene that shows the heroes of Samsara rising up against the gods which eventually leads to the division of their world into two warring factions and continents. As part of this rebellion players are cast down into one of the continents without any memory of the events prior to their fall. Players start off in different continents depending on their chosen faction much like the Horde and Alliance in World of Warcraft. The continents are mirrors of each other but feature different environments: the Asu continent is lush and vibrant while the Ora continent is dark and gloomy. Once players have been transported to their respective starting zones the game proceeds relatively the same for both factions.

Well, This Looks Familiar

ASTA Online plays just like every other MMORPG and feels like World of Warcraft with decidedly better visuals. Not surprising, considering that the game was dubbed as the “Asian World of Warcraft.” Every aspect of the game reminds me of WoW, from the tutorial quests, right down to combat, dungeons, and even how the PvP system is set up.

From the starting zone players go through a series of tutorial quests given by the local townsfolk before setting off into the wide world of Samsara while following the storyline, which requires the completion of even more quests. These quests are mostly kill and collect with the occasional dynamic quest thrown in to mix things up. Dynamic quests are triggered upon entering areas and can be completed solo or with the help of other players in the immediate vicinity. Cooperating with other players is the best way of going about the quest unless you want to kill 50 mobs and an elite monster by yourself. Successfully completing the quest rewards players with experience points and boxes that contain better than average gear.

Asta's controls are similar to World of Warcraft's. Players use the WASD keys to move and the hotbar to cast skills. And like WoW, ASTA also makes use of the Tab-targetting system typically used by older MMORPG’s. This type of combat might have been the norm a few years ago but now seems a bit dull and repetitive, especially when compared to more recent titles in the genre which tend to favor the more action-packed real-time targeting system.

Progression, Skills, and Talents

Progressing through the game is relatively fast-paced. Players can easily reach level 10 in about an hour or so of gameplay as long as they stick to the quests which provide the bulk of experience points in the game. Every level gained rewards players with stat points that they can distribute across four attributes: Attack, Vitality, Impact (which affects critical rate), and Energy (which determines MP casting time). Skills are automatically unlocked and improve by reaching certain levels which means that players end up with virtually every skill in their arsenal when they hit level cap—currently set at level 30. In addition, much like WoW, players get access to 2 talent trees once they hit level 10 which they can use to tweak their characters skills to match their particular playing styles using Talent Points that they earn from level 10 onward.


ASTA Online’s PvP system bears a lot of resemblance to World of Warcraft’s. Players are given a number of options for PvP: Open-world faction-based PvP, Duels, Solo Arenas, Team Arenas, and Battlegrounds. Players who want to engage in faction-based PvP need only come face to face with a member, members, or a raiding party from the opposite faction. Duels can be initiated in anywhere in Samsara except for cities and a few safe zones. Arenas and Battlegrounds, on the other hand, require players to queue up using the battleground and arena finder. Unfortunately, after more than an hour of waiting in queue I’ve still yet to experience both PvP modes. Either there aren’t enough players or they just aren’t interested in PvP.

Cash Shop

ASTA Online’s cash shop is one of the few free-to-play cash shops that manages to keep free-playing and paying players on relatively equal footing. That being said, players willing to spend money on the game still get a few advantages. Aside from cosmetic items to make their characters stand out players can also purchase pets that automatically pick-up loot, and mounts that are 50% faster than those normally found in the game. Soul Stones, premium currency, can also be used to purchase items used for crafting and upgrading equipment. These Soul Stones can be purchased with real-world money but can also be earned by completing certain quests. It may take a while to save up enough stones though.

The Final Verdict – Good

ASTA Online is a solid game with great visuals, a unique story, and all the features that make a good MMORPG. The game, however, feels a lot like World of Warcraft with the only difference being its Asian theme. Now, there’s nothing wrong with trying to copy one of the best MMORPG’s ever made and a lot of other MMO’s have done the same but WoW’s brand of grindey–spammy gameplay is starting to get old. Going with action-oriented combat, like more modern MMORPG’s, might have been better for the game. As it is, ASTA Online might still appeal to a select group of players but with Blade and Soul and Black Desert Online, not to mention TERA, looming over its shoulders it's going to be a rather small group.


Asta Online Screenshots


Asta Online Videos

System Requirements

Asta Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Xp / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHZ / AMD Athlon64 3200+
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT or ATI Radeon X1600 XT
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Disk Space: 15 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ or INTEL Core 2 Duo E6750
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Disk Space: 15 GB


Asta Online Music & Soundtrack

Coming soon...

Additional Info

Asta Online Additional Information

Developer: Polygon Games
Game Engine: CryEngine 3
Composer: Yang Bang-ean aka Kunihiko Ryo

Korean Open Beta: October, 2013
Korean Closure Date: August 23, 2015
Global Closed Beta: Q4 2015


Korea: NHN Hangame
China: ChangYou
Global: WebZen / Move Games

North American/EU Open Beta: March 2, 2016

Release Date: March 2, 2016

Shut Down Date: October 4, 2016

Relaunch Date (Move Games): April 26, 2017

Development History / Background:

Development on ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds started in 2010 by South Korean studio Polygon Games. It was highly anticipated and touted as the 'WoW of the East' during its lengthy development cycle. Built on CryEngine 3, the game was also heavily promoted by Crytek. After several delays, ASTA entered open beta in its open territory in late 2013 and saw several updates, but failed to find a large audience. Major updates ceased after December 2013, and the Korean version eventually closed on August 23, 2015. Just three days earlier, WebZena announced its plans to publish ASTA Online in the West.

The game went into closed beta in November 3, 2015 and was initially planned for open beta release in January 2016 due to delays with the voice-acting, translation, as well as some technical aspects of the game. ASTA Online finally went into open beta on March 2, 2016, releasing the same day.

The game shut down on October 4, 2016 after failing to gain a large enough playerbase to support its operations.

Asta relaunched on Steam through Move Games on April 26, 2017.

  • The Korean server for this game Korean game shut down on Aug 23, 2015. Kinda strange that its coming to the West years late and AFTER the home server closed...

    • Matt

      Yeah, fairly certain it won't see any updates.

      • well you were wrong matt 😀 waited a 8 months to tell you this xD

        • LOL dat commitment ^_^

          • ZeonZ

            And it is shutdown , second time ! xD hi again after 2 years!

    • LAMBDA471

      The Korean publisher Hangame decided they want to invest into the mobile market alone, so they shut all of their desktop games despite how well they were doing.

  • You shouldnt appologize for your oppinion but Wow man you think Archlord 2 was beautiful? I played Archlord 2 and uninstalled it shortly after. The attack animations were very stiff and the characters felt very blocky and the character customization ( or lack there of) was just terrible. I've also played all the games you listed and still play some on occasions but while playing 'Asta I actually liked it.

    Yeah it could use some updating here and there but what game couldn't? Maybe I'm a bit biased because I play archers in every game that has them available and my decision on whether I like said game is usually based on that. I think there are a ton of people who will flock to this game, but the ball is in Webzen's court whether or not it is successfully or not.

    • LAMBDA471

      Archlord 2 was a joke, I don't know who in their right mind would even want to publish a game like this in this day and age.

  • LAMBDA471

    Everything you said is wrong. The graphics are awesome, the music is OK, not perfect, but fine, the sound effects are also OK, the character design is fine, the animation is fine, the quests are pretty much the same as in World of Warcraft, the mobs are spread out to make it realistic, if they were all bunched together, they would be like in Swordsman Online - standing at 1m distance from each other, not moving, the mobs in ASTA are covering a wide range of territory and it looks realistic, there are critters like snakes and deers, that have no purpose, but are there for the setting, just like it's supposed to be.

    And you are telling me that Archlord 2 was good?! Are you crazy?! That was one of the worst games ever. Archlord 1 was good, for its time, but it was good, Archlord 2 was just a sloppy 3D remake with funny graphics - it all relied on one post-processing effect that adjusted the colors to look like you were on shrooms or acid - everything was purple, shadows were either blue or purple. If you turned off that specific effect, the game looked like it was created in 2006 in a hurry. The combat was bad and there weren't enough talents you can invest on, if you played Warrior, you had to have a giant axe or else fuck you. In ASTA each class has many different weapons to choose from - Rogues have daggers or claws, Warriors can have a sword and a shield or a 2H weapon.

    • need to agree! it is really solid game yea noting new but it is well made, i do like classes and animation and map design is really nice too 🙂

      • LAMBDA471

        It's a great game, I wish it the best of luck.

  • Nomad

    you play for 20mins and think you can give a real review? What a moron.

    • ThatOneGuy

      You can tell what the game is going to be like within the first half a hour idiot. Within that time a game either captures you and makes you want to play, or falls so flat, is so crappy, and bores the life out of you that it makes you want to punch the devs in the face. This game happens to be the latter hence why i gave it a poor review. I'm sorry it seems to have offended you, but lets face it you're extreme lack of intelligence makes it easy to offend you. You really seem like this games type of player, between you and Asta online you may have half a brain cell to attempt to fire a synapse off with.

      • Josh Hines

        prolly the dumbest thing anyones ever said .. oh i played 20 mins game sucks ...what a moron

      • Daeha

        *half AN hour, idiot. If you're going to insult someone based off intelligence do it properly, idiot.
        I haven't played this game at all. I was looking for a new one to play and stumbled upon this game. Don't know if it's good, or not, but that doesn't matter right now. What does matter is your extreme lack of intelligence that spurred me to write this reply. Nomad called you a moron. Not very nice, but you honestly can't gather his IQ from those two sentences, moron. He brings up a valid point though. You play for twenty minutes, and you think you can give a real review? I get it's not your cup of tea, but you CAN NOT give a real honest to goodness review with a twenty minute session. Pretty much your review should have stated that it's not your thing, and probably gave a pros and cons list based off the twenty minutes you played. Instead you're like every other dipshit, and start spouting off how it'll be "dead" in a year. What does that even mean? You do realize you're just one person, right? Are you that dense? Adding to the stupidity, you're going on and on about Cabal, BNS, and SWTOR. Let's go with your mentality here. Cabal is god awful horseshit. BNS is fun, but the grind is the worst thing ever. The computer optimization? PLEASE, it's horrendous. On top of all that, you have the nerve to try and act like an elitist by bringing up playing SWTOR since beta. GIVE ME A BREAK, SWTOR made itself into a joke of an mmo, and is now trying to right itself. Too little, too late. Now, if you stated you've played WoW, EQ, Runescape, or any other proper classic mmo I wouldn't take your review with a grain of salt. Seeing as to how you brought up half-assed games, i'm pretty sure your review means diddly. You see, this is why some online games can't blossom. A lot of people take reviews seriously. They base their play or pass decision on these reviews, and you just treat it like it's nothing.
        Also, you're pretty lazy, seeing as to how you don't even give the game a chance, write it off in twenty minutes, and sign on here to give it a bad review. How mediocre of you. Next time don't write a review for a game you played twenty minutes of. If you do decide to, be considerate, and write a PROPER review.

    • Enuma

      Actually hes right. He played it, it was so bad to him he didn't want to keep playing it. He and no other reviewer for that matter are under any obligation to finish a game that makes them want to quit that quickly. The mentality of "you have to play the whole thing or your not worth listening too" is the only thing moronic here. Do you know why? Because if a game is 90% shit to start and 10% at the end its not the players responsibility to play that long to get to the good stuff. The game should be good from start to finish anything short of that is worth criticizing. If you have to make you're game suck do it in the middle where theres more leeway.

      • Nomad

        Dude stfu lmao, you damn white knights are annoying. No one cares. I am not even reading this shit past *Actually hes right*.

        • Maxime Chevalier

          Nomad=Retarded, shortened it just for you. you can't miss the point now.

  • Catgravy

    I've been playing this for a couple of days, and am really getting into it. The community (players) are very helpful and friendly. You don't have the WoW kids on there. The chat reminds me of what EQ2 had. The graphics weren't too bad, but I am one who feels that as long as the game is good, the graphics do not need to be top of the line.

    Character Creation - It's OK. But the characters are more scary looking than nice looking. Ugly women!! LOL. So with this, I just hit Random a few times.

    In game... the tutorial is pretty straight forward, even though I can't figure out what that big circle is to the left of the action boxes. I know I hit T, and it does some damage, but not as much as one would expect when it's full (It could be just me). What I like a lot with this game versus a couple of other new releases (Devilian and Blade & Soul) is that armor actually means something. B&S is awful on this aspect. With B&S, you just keep enhancing your weapon, earrings, ring, and necklace. That's it. With Devilian, you have to do a lot of grinding to get any decent gear, and they made it even harder to get after 3 weeks live.

    Crafting... Finally!!! This is a part that a lot of games ignore or just don't care too much about. Even though I just stared crafting, I found it easy to pick up on, and it actually has some meaning. I don't know if it is worth it early on in the game or even at the end of the game. But it is definitely there, and straight forward. You can pick 2 tradeskills to do.

    Sub-Professions - Treasure Hunter, Angler, and Bounty Hunter - You can pick all 3. Fishing is somewhat different from what I have encountered in other games, but again, straight forward. Treasure Hunting can be fun, but a little frustrating. Your map gets you to a general area, and then you dig. if you don't find it, it will tell you it's close. That's where it gets a tad bit frustrating. Where close??? Bounty Hunter - I don't recall the quest for this sub-profession, so I can't comment.

    Level 10 - When you hit 10, you can start placing your Talent points. Again, straight forward, just like Rift. I would say like WoW, but with WoW, you have to fill out a certain tree before you can place points in another tree.

    There are other neat things that this game offers, but I haven't gotten that much into it. I don't normally PvP, so I haven't even looked at that yet. I am a solo person, and was able to solo a 2 man dungeon. Of course, I am in the early stages of the game.

    Area quests - If you played Rift, you are familiar with the Community quests where you go to a specific server and a bunch of you do the same quests as a group. This is like that, but you don't travel to a different server. If you're in the area, you can participate. And the nice thing is that the more you participate, the better your reward. None of this AFK crap.

    So far I have tried:
    Mage (fairly cool, but Spells take longer to cast than I would like).
    Warrior (Didn't play on this that much, so I really cannot comment).
    Archer (This is what I am really enjoying).

    This is my first impression of the game. I just signed my wife up for it as well.

  • eddy

    LMAO just goes to show you that one persons trash is another persons treasure!

    I may give this a try and come back and write my point of view. I have played EQ 1 and 2 WoW ESO FF(ALL) online too, skyforge, Stromfall, wildstar, NoToR, Archage, D&D online and Never winter nights
    that just the tip the ice burg

    Let's say I have MMO problem! I also have list of phone games. We don't even want to start that list!

  • LAMBDA471

    Archlord 2 didn't look good, if you read my first comment or actually played the game, you'd know why.

  • Nettiebelle

    When I first started I thought "ehhh another generic Asian game". But I gave it a chance and kept playing. Now I'm loving it. I don't care about some of the translation problems. This game is addictive and very fun. Give a try and don't skip out on it too quick, it really starts to get fun!

  • Pestilence Lycheborne

    great game just wish the quest was not timed all the timed , but ill keep playing any ways ... cuz i love it, im a older player and dryer stopping ect ...you know the drill glad the games can be deleted and accepted again .... that a good thing

  • Jeff Ashley

    I played a little bit on the US server. I enjoy the retro feel and can overlook some of the translation stuff like Nettibelle can. I am wanting to reach out in game to meet up with other players. This one may or may not be around for a while, but I'm down with enjoying the ride along the way. Anyone looking for friends on the US server?

  • Ronjett Delola Lungay

    plss make this available in Philippines (y) i will wait. just pm me on my email rdl2131@gmail.com

  • Sara Almeida

    You forgot to mention this game has open-world PvP in the late-game with no option to flag/unflag yourself out of it. Keep that in mind if you ever decide to give this game a try.

  • Josh Hines

    Game was canceled , page needs to be updated or removed

  • Raina Scarlette

    One thing that I can say is that this game gives me a GW2 vibes. I try to browse things they sell in the cash shop and most of them is mount and costumes, and also good buff and boosts too but you still can have it through ingame by ingame currency and from loots. For the gameplay, I can say it is similar with GW2. The size to download also small for mmorpg game (its +/- 8GB). I dont care about the game story at all cuz I never bothered myself with it. Other mmorpg that I played are GW2, ESO, BnS and I can say this game is really worth to try.