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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a free-to-play fantasy-themed MMORPG developed by ArenaNet and is the sequel to the first Guild Wars. The game features an expansive and dynamic world that changes based on the player’s actions.

Publisher: NCSOFT
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P MMORPG (paid expansions)
Release Date: August 28, 2012
PvP: Arenas / Large scale World vs World
Pros: +Story driven gameplay. +Dynamic quest system. +Good variety of classes and races. +Great soundtrack.
Cons: -Repetitive gameplay.



Guild Wars 2 Overview

Guild Wars 2 transports players to the mythical fantasy world of Tyria, a land beset by Elder Dragons who have wreaked havoc on a once peaceful land. Take your pick from eight unique professions, each with their own distinct playstyle. Choose to play as one of five races and create your own story as you embark on adventures and quests in an expansive, mesmerizing, and dynamic world that changes based on your actions and decisions. The game originally launched as a buy-to-play title, but the core version of the game went free to play on August 29, 2015. The expansions still have to be purchased but there are minimal restrictions for F2P users.

Guild Wars 2 Key Features:

  • Story Driven Gameplay – with dynamic quests that impact the story.
  • Classes and Races – over nine playable classes, called professions, and five races.
  • High Production Value great visuals, interface, and musical score.
  • Aimed Individual Skills – have to be aimed in combat.
  • Varied PvP Options with large scale PvP through World vs World or traditional Conquest / Team Deathmatch.
  • Fair Matchmaking – PvP auto-balances everyone's levels and stats to be maximum, creating a truly fair PvP environment.

Guild Wars 2 Screenshots

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Guild Wars 2 Featured Video

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay First Look HD F2P - MMOs.com


Guild Wars 2 Classes


  • Guardian – specialize in defensive and protective magic. They are able to equip a variety of weapons and also benefit from the protection of heavy armor.
  • Warrior – rely on strength, speed, and heavy armor to survive. They are versatile combatants with a good balance between offensive and defensive abilities.
  • Thief – deadly masters of the art of stealth and one-on-one combat. They use surprise and shadow to their advantage.
  • Ranger – proficient with the bow and can strike enemies safely from a distance. They can summon pets to keep enemies at bay while they line up for the kill.
  • Elementalist – mastered the art of harnessing Tyria’s natural forces. They use the power of the elements to rain destruction down on their foes.
  • Mesmer – masters of illusion. They use mental magic to confound and control their enemies. They can also shatter their illusions to deal more damage.
  • Necromancer – masters of the dark arts. They summon the dead, channel blood energy, and rip the souls from their enemies’ bodies.
  • Engineer – alchemical and technological masterminds. They use grenades, turrets, elixirs, and other devices to defeat their enemies.
  • Revenant Released alongside the Heart of Thorns expansion, Revenants are powerful melee warriors with heavy armor and otherworldly abilities.


  • Asura – short alchemical inventors with unparalleled intelligence. They believe that it is not the strong who survive, but the clever.
  • Sylvari – noble beings who live for adventure and pursuing quests. They strive to balance their curiosity with duty and warfare with honor.
  • Human – once the most populous inhabitants of Tyria. They have lost their homeland and their former glory. Their spirit, however, remains unshaken and continue to fight with every ounce of their strength.
  • Norn – a race of towering hunters driven by the Ice Dragon from their glacial homeland. They still possess enthusiasm for life and the hunt. They believe that only the ultimate victors reap legendary rewards.
  • Charr – a warring race with no place for the weak and the fools. To them, victory is all that matters and must be achieved by any means and at all costs.

Full Review

Guild Wars 2 Review

By Marc Marasigan

Guild Wars 2, or GW2, is a free-to-play fantasy-themed 3D MMORPG developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSOFT, the company behind popular MMORPG titles like Lineage and the first Guild Wars game. The game was officially released on August 28, 2012 with a 3 day head-start given to players who pre-purchased the game. The game originally required a one-time purchase to play, similar to The Secret World, but on August 29, 2015 ArenaNet made the basic version of the game free to play. However, the latest expansion will always need to be purchased.

GW2 is set in the fantasy world of Tyria, 250 years after the events in Guild Wars’ Eye of the North Expansion. Tyria’s inhabitants are living in fear of Elder Dragons that have emerged from the depths of the continent and have all but decimated the world’s population, since the time of the first game. Players are tasked with reuniting members of the disbanded guild, Destiny’s Edge, whose combined strength is necessary to defeat the Elder Dragons. Players go on quests that change and shift depending on their actions or even the actions of nearby players.

The Birth of a Hero

Before players can go gallivanting off into the wide world of Tyria, they must first choose a character, or Hero, to fight with. Character creation in GW2 is a ten-step process which might seem a bit long but is well worth the time if you’re into PVE and role-playing. For players who want to jump right into the action, there’s a handy “Skip to End” button that appears in every step. Clicking the button randomizes the choices for the proceeding steps and takes players straight to the naming part. For the rest who are willing to spend a little time on their heroes, they are given a choice of five races, each with their own distinct characteristics, from the short alchemical inventors of the Asura, to the towering hunters of the Norm. Aside from the differences in appearances, each race starts out in different areas and follows a slightly different storyline. Each race also possesses skills unique to their race. While these racial skills might benefit one class more than the other, unless you’re into hardcore PvP, you’re better off choosing a character that you like. The Charr’s Hidden Pistol skill, for example, which automatically shoots a target enemy when evading backwards, works quite well with a Thief’s fighting style but, while Charrs do look absolutely badass with their sharp claws, fangs, and horns, I still prefer my characters to look a little bit human. But if claws or alien-like beings are your thing, by all means, go crazy with it.

After choosing their race, players then pick their class, or profession as it’s called in GW2. Players can pick from a total of eight unique professions with a ninth-class set to be released with the game’s first expansion pack: Heart of Thorns. Players then move on to customizing their hero’s appearance. The game features a ton of options to allow players to create unique looking characters including options for body build and sliders for the height and facial features.

Now comes the unique part in GW2’s character creation process, the Hero’s biography. This part is made up of five multiple-choice questions that players have to answer to determine their character’s background story and personality. The answers to these questions slightly affect the Hero’s personal storyline, in-game dialogue, and how he or she interacts with other NPC’s in the game. After completing this step, players then name their characters and are dropped into one of the starting zones to begin their adventures in the world of Tyria.

Exploring the World

Players start their adventures with a race-dependent prologue/tutorial mission which acquaints players with basic game mechanics such as movement, camera controls, NPC interaction, combat, and questing. Even after the prologue, dialog boxes constantly appear to explain a feature that the player encounters for the first time.

This early into the game, players will immediately get a taste of what GW2 has to offer. The game’s visuals are absolutely amazing. Everything is modeled with incredible detail, from the characters and mobs, down to the lush trees, moonlight-kissed lakes, and rolling terrain. The flashy effects look great as well. The sound fits the mood of the game perfectly whether you’re running errands in town or exploring bandit-infested caves. Speaking of sound, voice-overs are used for much of the major in-game dialogue and, while the writing is ok, there were a few times when the voice-acting sounded a bit awkward. The game also features a lot of beautiful hand-drawn art similar to the first game.

Have it Your Way

Unlike traditional MMORPG’s, GW2 allows players to explore the massive world of Tyria in their own terms. There are several types of quests that players will encounter on their journey. Personal story quests, Reputation, or Heart quests, and Dynamic quests. Aside from the personal story quests which advance the storyline, quests are automatically initiated by simply being in the area and players can choose whether or not to take on the quest. These quests are also automatically completed by simply satisfying the requirements. Helping out a townie tend his farm, for example, will have you either killing a giant worm, killing the giant worm’s babies, killing bandits, dancing in front of cows, or any combination of these. They can also be done in any order, even those a few levels above the player, although, unless you’re looking for a beating, this isn’t particularly recommended. Even with these choices, however, questing can still feel repetitive and a bit grindy.

Dynamic quests are one of GW2’s main selling points and helps it differentiate itself from other MMORPGs. Stick around an area for a while and you’ll eventually encounter a dynamic event. These type of quests usually require a few other players to complete and more often than not, are part of chain quests ultimately culminating in a boss fight that requires a lot of players to take down.

The Dynamic quest feature, however, is a double-edged sword. While it does add a unique element to the game and is definitely an innovation for MMORPG’s, automatically initiating quests usually has players fumbling around with absolutely no clue as to who they’re helping or why since they have no background story to build up on. This, in my opinion, ruins the experience and turns players into mindless zombies that take on a quest just because other people are doing it and they happen to be there. Dynamic quests also require players to be in the right place at the right time. Other players also need to be there to help out since soloing dynamic events more often than not results in constant death and frustration. Still, having dynamic quests is an overall positive because it allows players to gain experience and progress their own way. Don't like a particular dynamic quest? Skip it. Don't want to do these heart quests? Skip them. Players are free to complete the quests they want rather than following a linear progression path.

Intelligent Artificial… er Intelligence?

GW2 features an action-style combat system where players move around using the WASD keys while spamming hotbar keys to launch attacks and cast spells. The combat system also requires players to aim their attacks at enemies as opposed to the traditional click and cast system used by most MMORPG’s. Enemy mobs also move around, ranged mobs tend to move away when attacking players get too close. This makes for fast-paced and action-packed combat where you have to constantly move around and dodge attacks especially when you find yourself surrounded by four angry centaurs.

GW2 also features a skill system that allows players to easily change skillsets by simply equipping the appropriate weapon type. Although, unlike Final Fantasy XIV, equippable weapon types still depend on the hero’s profession or class. Also, while the available skills seem a bit limited, the system still gives players the freedom to fine tune their hero’s skills to fit their playing style or a particular situation, boss, or mob. Skills are automatically improved as the character gains levels. They can also be manually improved by unlocking and selecting Traits. Traits are passive skills that give bonuses to skills and player attributes. Traits can be unlocked by completing tasks, such as defeating an enemy, completing events, and reaching specific destinations, or by purchasing them using coin, the game’s main currency. Skill-points are also awarded as players gain levels. Like the original Guild Wars, players at mid/late game will always have more skills than they can possibly equip at once, so players need to pick and choose which skills to have at the ready. This ensures that every Necromancer doesn't play the exact same way as any other Necromancer. It also adds a unique element of strategy to the game's PvP.

Worlds at War

GW2’s offers a variety of PVP modes for everyone, from the hardcore to the downright silly. For serious PVP, players can join World vs World combat between hundreds of players in a separate open world similar to RF Online’s Chip Wars. They can also join classic PVP modes like Conquest or Team Deathmatch. These modes can be accessed through the PVP panel. GW2 also offer fun PVP modes, or Activities as they’re called in-game, which are great for breaking the monotony of PVE. Players can join mini-games like Keg-brawl, a basketball-like game involving kegs of ale and a lot of fighting, or Crab Toss, a free-for-all game where the player who can hold the grab longest while being attacked by other players wins the game. Players can join these activities by speaking to certain NPCs. Similar to the first Guild Wars, PvP is automatically "balanced" by automatically adjusting everyone's stats to maximum during the duration of the PvP match.


GW2's base game is free-to-play but expansions must be purchased. The game also offers micro-transactions via the in-game cash shop. Players use gems, which can be bought using real world money, to buy cosmetic items, boosts, character slot expansions, and game upgrades. The cash shop is well-balanced and mostly contains cosmetic items. Gems can also be traded for gold which is a good thing, in my opinion, since it also gives players who don’t want to spend additional money on the game access to the premium items.

Final Verdict - Excellent

Guild Wars 2 revolutionizes MMORPGs with its Dynamic quests which reduces the time players spend looking for groups and gives them more time to enjoy the game. But as I’ve said before, it’s a double-edged sword that might not be for everybody. The game’s graphics, environment, and sounds are top-notch and well-made. The game can be a bit grindy at times but still an excellent game that’s well worth checking out. It's easily one of the best MMORPGs I've played in a long time and one I'll be playing for a long time.



Guild Wars 2 Videos

Playlist: Guild Wars 2

System Requirements

Guild Wars 2 Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP SP 2 or newer
CPU: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, Core i3 OR Athlon 64 X2 or better
Video Card: GeForce 7800, ATI X1800, or Intel HD 3000
Hard Disk Space: 25 GB available space

Mac Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.7.X or later
CPU: Intel Core i5 or better
Video Card: GeForce 320M, ATI Radeon HD 6630M, Intel HD 3000 or better
Hard Disk Space: 25 GB available space


Guild Wars 2 Music

Additional Info

Guild Wars 2 Additional Information

Developer: ArenaNet (Subsidiary of NCSOFT)
Publisher: NCSOFT

Game Engine: Guild Wars Engine, Havok, and Umbra Occlusion
Other Platforms: Mac OS X

Game Director(s): Mike O'Brien
Game Design(s): Colin Johanson and Eric Flannum
Composer(s): Jeremy Soule

Announcement Date: May, 08, 2014

Closed Beta Date: April 08, 2015
Closed Beta End Date: April 17, 2015

Launch Date: April 21, 2015

Steam Release Date: April 21, 2015

Development History / Background:

Guild Wars 2 was developed by American game developer ArenaNet, based in Bellevue, Washington, using the Guild Wars engine. Development for Guild Wars 2 began in 2007 after developers realized they couldn't expand the original Guild Wars to the size and scale they were looking for. The game was announced to the world on March 27, 2007 alongside the announcement of the final Guild Wars expansion, which served as a bridge in terms of both gameplay and story to the then upcoming Guild Wars 2. The game originally targeted a 2011 release date but was pushed back to August 28, 2012. Those who prepurchased the game could play three days earlier on August 25. A Mac OS X client was released on September 18, 2012. A console version of Guild Wars 2 was considered early in development, but there's no official word on it yet and it looks like there won't be one.


  • I wish more subscription based games were buy to play like GW2. Subscriptions make me feel like I'm bound to the game by money, which makes no sense, but still. I want to own the game!

    • True... One of the reasons i don't play retail WoW, i feel like if i don't play everyday, i sink my money down the toilet...
      And it's not a good feeling at all, hence why i love b2p games as you're not bound to it via money...

  • Everything about GW2 is just the amount of content you get for the single purchase price.

    The world is massive, the amount of things to do and explore is insane, and furthermore, the way it handles grouping and questing is amazing that it's strange no other developer has done it yet.

    Not to mention the massive WvW system.

  • Guild Wars 2 went free to play on August 29, 2015. The core game is 100% free to play, expansions need to be bought though. Awesome! =)

    • expansions only apply to pve right? like ill have access to full skills and lvl of my char? cause i saw chars have multiple skills acc to weapons in this game

      • You have access to all the PvE minus some silly restrictions (auction house restrictions). You can participate in PvP too though.

        • the total size seems like around 15gb? is there a way to pause the download because if the launcher gets closed it starts from 0% again,

          • it restarts from 0 yes but the amount of files that need to download is decreased, so it's not like you downloaded for nothing

  • Guild wars 2 now f2p, this game will skyrocket I predict. Gonna be competing with Tera as top dog of f2p.

  • I would play this game if it had no restrictions on free accounts..

  • Been playing this for a short while now and so far I love it. It's a game I wouldn't have jumped into if it was buy to play, but now that it went free to play, it's a lot of fun. Guild Wars 2 differntiates itself from other MMORPGs with its emphasis on story driven gameplay and dynamic questing. Essentially, players can pick and choose the quests they want to do, rather than be forced down a particular path. You can explore the world and progress at your own pace. The dynamic quests are interesting too, because it brings people together seemlessly, which makes the game actually feel like an MMORPG, because you're constantly working with random players on these dynamic quests. You don't even need to do the traditional "heart quests" either. You can just run around doing the Dynamic quests.

    The story-driven personal quests are a lot of fun too and that's where the game's story really shines. It's all voice acted and well designed, so it feels like a well written RPG. Everything from the musical score to the fluid gameplay just feels solid. If you haven't played Guild Wars 2 yet, definitely check it out. It's free to play, you got nothing to lose.

  • Graphics, combat system and pve/pvp are just brilliant.

  • no spoilers, but the story is tame as shit. It's about as appropriate for a 10 year old to play, I guess it gives Anet more customers, but dear god some of it is just cringeworthy. for someone new of course it's going to be "wow, this is great", but once you play it through it gets stale very fast. it's as if they tried so hard to be different they ended up making their own cliches

    good PvP system, lets you jump right into things, as well as WvW makes for interesting stuff not seen in other MMORPGs. but do NOT buy this for the story.

  • lmao, westboro baptist church called, they want their spokesperson back. as if you would try and throw in hot-topic word "refugee" in there, what are you, fox news?

    also, newsflash, most of what you said is GW1, not GW2, there is so little connection between the two except same environment, GW1 is nothing like GW2 in terms of story or gameplay. the other "violent" or "dark" things you talked about are found in every single Pokemon game out there. any kid able to speak english can play those and not have problems, so what makes you think GW2 is so much darker? probably the only violent thing that happened was (SPOILER ALERT)

    Eir getting stabbed through the abdomen from faolain in the xpac. rest is fucking awful.


    if you think pg-13 shit is exciting then maybe you should go play wizards online

    • i only wrote half a sentence of anything that concerns gw1 so learn the game some more? ok so why dont you go to a 10 year old and tell talk to them about it? pg-13? you started off saying 10, now its 13? pick an age and stick to it. and before you say theres no difference in age, realize theres a lot of things that scare 10 year olds. sorry that you're 15, and way beyond kid stuff like that.

      • my point was that you are coming into the gaming world with a very sheltered view if you think GW2 is at all dark. there are some dark places like the resting place for the mammoth things in some map, but that's about it. necromancy isnt even that disturbing in the game.

        half a sentence? you wrote 4 sentences mate, lmao, half a sentence of poor argument is all you gave me to work with

        by digressing past my point with age nonsense you have shown that you really have no valid points to back up your arguments. i figure i'd come back to just to laugh at how silly of a reply you made.

        and i work with children every day, by the sounds of your logic/arguments they are around the same age as you and your friends. stay in school!

        • I dissagree, but agree at the same time. The story IS appropiate for a kid, but that makes it no less dark. Indeed a kid could probably play through the hole game without being scared, but there are differences between what a kid understands and what an adult understands. To a kid, death is no frightening topic (at least it wasn't to me), instead it is more like a taboo subject. For someone who has faced death, they can properly relate to those characters, making the story deeper, more personal. Ghosts? They aren't scary to kids anymore (thanks to some kids shows). They are scared more by goddamn big mosquitos that ghosts! But for an adult, a king killing his people is dark, while a kid will understand it is bad and that's it. So, that's my point of view.

  • if only guild wars 2 had decent formats for pvp. the game is designed for casuals, eg there is little balance and class differences and skill is obscured by lack of relevant data...... but its extremely grindy as opposed to being fun it comes off as tedious. pvp formats are lacking you either have the exact same bunker style play of 5v5 matches or you have the zerg style of wvw, neither of which are very skill or strategy dependent when compared to good death match style combat. 3 years after release the game finally has end game content via 1 raid (finally) everything else pve is extremely grindy and not challenging for anything but extremely casual players who do not know any better. introducing a raid was a step in the right direction, but it requires balancing as it still follows the zerker meta. the games pvp is lacking variety although conquest was a step in the right direction, courtyard is a horrible attempt at including a death match style game play for various reasons. IF anet continues to actually listen to the community (they just started after 3 years when their player base started to bomb) then the game could be decent given some time, until then the game will continue to be known as "grindwars" and "fashionwars"

    • Daniel Southavongsa

      You can't use the Zerker Meta in Raids. Highest Toughness character draws boss aggro, Some bosses can only be damage by condition damage, stacking and not moving during the boss fights will get you and your party wiped. Also Dragon Stand and Chak Gerat, 2 expansion world events are fairly difficult and take lots of coordination, although yes having player who don't know what they are doing usually is the reason why they fail.

      I agree with the other points though end game gear grinding takes to long and isn't very rewarding or fun. Crafting could use an overhaul. PvP while is getting a bit better and allows you to have tons of build variety per class(needs more attention or a dedicated team to balance because i'm tired of trap users and Memser lifting me up and slamming me down, Necos double life bars are annoying too but that's one that personal gripe).

      FashionWars isn't really a negative I like to look good in my games :^). To bad you goota play GrindWars to get into FashionWars.

  • I played the game for a week (still playing) and made 30-40 quests, and i can say that all the quests are the same, except the story quests which you get at level 10, 20, etc.
    The graphics are great but the gameplay is boring and if you don't buy the new expansion (50 $) you can't do much.
    The game is P2W if you are a free player your options are limited. Getting new equipment is a pain in the ass too. Either you carft your equipment which takes 40 minutes (to find ingredients, buy recipe). You have to kill monsters for ingredients then craft something with them then kill more monsters then craft something else with their loot. The other option (If you are a free player) is to buy them from an armorsmith, however this armor is the weakest. Also monsters can drop equipment (1/100 chance).

    If you are willing to pay 50$ for the game then you won't regret it, but if you want to play for free than you have to play every day at least 4 hours.

    • Not true at all. This game was never P2W you can get exotic gear easily by doing dungeons or PvPing in the heart of the mist (an area where you instantly get maxed stats and all skills) you can even get to max level from just PvP (outside of the mist you character is still the same level before entering). What you have to work for however, is ascendant gear and legendaries which doesn't do much difference in WvW(where you have to use your character gear unlike in PvP or heart of the mist where everyone gets maxed stats). The free version gives you basically the entire game for free that's why a lot of people were bitching about it. The limitations are insignificant. The only problem with this game is the zerk meta and PvP balance. The end game is basically waiting for events and new seasons or WvW. I know it's been 7 months but your comment was misleading.

    • u must not understand how mmorpgs work and the part about the game being p2w thats a total lie, tell me which part of it is p2w?? and the expansions are not $50 its $25 so get your facts straight before saying things that are totally untrue about the game... every mmo has dailies which u do daily, i think thats self explanatory and getting ingredients every game is like that you have to go and gather other wise whats the challenge.... but like i said u must not understand how mmo's work....

  • i didnt know it became f2p..... shyt ill download it right after i download blade and soul... GW2 is still populated right? or is it closing down???

  • hopefully guild wars 3 will be f2p as well lol...

  • This game is no longer published by NCsoft. ArenaNet has full control. It is also 9 Professions not 8 as described in the description above. Also each Profession has a specialization which basically turns it into another Profession.

  • Who ever voiced that video is entirely unsuitable for it. I may not be a native speaker, yet I have been living in English speaking countries for several years now, reading books in English, playing games in English, writing, you name it. Still, I can understand only about a third of what this mumbling excuse of a narrator says. Not exactly encouraging for a new player looking for information on the game.

  • Oh I see ... you think you get gear from drops ... that explains your ignorance. While it's true that you stay with the same gear for a long time once you reach lvl 80 the problem is gone ... You can get exotic gear from karma vendors, PvP reward tracks or at lvl 30 you can do ascalon (dungeon) from where you get ascalonian tears which you then trade to dungeon traders in lions arch for exotic gear and ... well save the gear for once you are lvl 80 ... all the gear up to level 79 is trash that is true ... but once you hit 80 it's easy to get ... It's not a theory. I got a Necro and Mesmer both level 80. Leveled necro through PvE and my Mesmer entirely from PvP. Easy exotic gear. Either you haven't tried or you are just being stubborn and in denial. Besides P2W is when you can only buy the strongest gear from the shop ... which in this game isn't possible because the only things you buy from the Black lion trading company is cosmetics ... skins.

  • I've been playing MMOs since 2004 almost non stop, and played a plenty since then. And I have to say that aside from RO that is and always will be special on my heart, this one game guys, is one of the best I ever played, period.

  • Cottage Cheese :3

    I don't really think it's repetive gameplay. Eve nthough there's a lot of these heart quests, all the quests are different the whole time; I don't think it's very repetive, not like Tera or something.

  • It has the best raids in any mmorpgs. Prove me wrong. It truly is 10/10.

  • GW2 is one game I really tried to like. It has an awesome questing system, fast paced combat, jumping puzzles; but because of the level scaling, I don't get a sense of progression (knowing that something that use to be hard to do has become a lot easier), and not having the holy trinity makes running some dungeons a bit of a cluster.
    It's a good MMORPG for sure, but it just doesn't click for me.

  • I really tried getting into this game, but when I started PVPing it was just everyone dropping these big circles on the ground and you having to avoid them. That got old real fast. Couldn't stand logging on anymore after a week, but a buddy kept asking me to come play it with him because he liked the large scale PVP where servers go against each other. If you don't care about having to avoid circles everywhere, check it out. They shockingly do have a large pool of players, but be warned, you MUST do your research into the servers before playing this game. Some servers have a lot of players that work together and play as a team, and other servers have a lot of people that wanna go off and play hero on their own. End result? Some servers never win a single event, and you'll spend your time in this game miserable since the developers haven't done anything to successfully address this.

    • if the players dont want to work together what do u want the dev's to do about it?? do u even understand what your saying you want the dev's to force them or hold their hands and make them work together? its the peoples choice to either work together or not...

      • Really? You take issue with me warning people of an issue with the game? This IS an issue in Guild Wars 2, to say otherwise is just stupidity on your part. I didn't blame the developers for this, I said they haven't been successful in being able to address this issue, they have tried doing things for it (they give players buffs to try and counter it, but it doesn't). Nothing I said wasn't factual, stop being a scathing fan boy and relax.

        • becasue i gave my opinion so now im a fan boy? XD grow up kid and learn some manners and watch how you talk to people and dont insult them just like i didnt insult u, to say you are a moron so watch what you say to people and how you reply back to no offend other...

          • You know I went through your other comments, and your a toxic human being. Why not go through how you talk to other people in these comments section and recognize that you have nothing productive to say at all, your just nitpicking at anything anyone has to say. Me telling people "Do some research, because some servers in the Server vs Server section don't do well" and you taking issue with it makes you a fan boy, defending something that's clearly a problem, that's the definition of a fan boy. But hey hate on hater *shrugs*

          • im the toxic one XD thats a laugh at least i never insulted anyone like u so before talking to me about being toxic look in a mirror kid

  • There are almost no mmos or online games that have good customer service. Steam has the worst customer service on the planet, and look how popular that is. So since steam set the shining example of how to run games with 0 customer service and no one cared, everyone else followed suit.

  • It looks to me like they use a really bad host for downloading patches, or they are leeching peoples upload I am not sure, but the download is def not very good. Guess they didn't spend any money on that lol, hopefully that is not a sign of the game quality. It bounces from 1-11mbs which is really slow for my 360 mbits internet. Most mmos have really bad download servers though, the only 2 I have seen that are any good, are blizzard, and steam.

    I like the idea of the fair pvp though, usually that is only MOBAs so I am gonna wait the long download lol hopefully its worth it.

  • the pve is good, is casualfriendly , but wvw is empty because of failbalancing like tpvp full of toxic noobs... veterans are already gone, also esl esport is abdone because of massiv failbalancing of anet, gues this is what you get if theres no holy trinity and some classes can do all in one

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