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S4 League

S4 League is a fast-paced 3D third person MMO shooter with a unique blend of sci-fi and fantasy elements. The game features gorgeous anime-inspired art and fast-paced techno music that fits the game remarkably well.

Publisher: Aeria Games
Playerbase: Medium
Type: MMO Shooter
Release Date: April 4, 2011 (NA/EU)
Pros: +Unique art style. +Great music. +Fast-paced gameplay. +Varied game modes.
Cons:  -No permanent weapons. -Cash shop imbalances. -Latency issues.



S4 League Overview

S4 League is a fast-paced third person MMO shooter that features gameplay inspired by the original GunZ: the Duel Game. It is developed by GameOn Studio (previously known as Pentavision) and published by Aeria Games. Players can jump off walls, slash their enemies with plasma swords, and fire a hail of bullets at their enemies. S4 League offers a variety of weapons, from rifles to SMGS, which can also be upgraded. There are six different game modes where players can challenge their limits and expertise with up to three weapons equipped. The fast-paced gameplay is coupled with techno music to added to the sci-fi atmosphere of the game.

S4 League Key Features:

  • Weapons Galore – over 40 weapons available to use (Melee, Rifles, Heavy Guns, Snipers, and SMGs). 3 Weapons can be equipped at once.
  • Rent Weapons – weapons can be rented for 5, 10, and 30 hours at a time. Only counts active use, so logging off won't cause weapons to lose time.
  • Enchant Weapons – the weapon enchanting system lets players upgrade their weapons.
  • Feel the Beat – fast-paced gameplay with excellent techno music to compliment the adrenaline rush.
  • Varied Game Modes – players can choose from six different game modes with different objectives and conditions ( ouchdown, Siege, Deathmatch, Chaser, Battle Royal, and Captain).

S4 League Screenshots

S4 League Featured Video

Full Review

S4 League Review

By Chanel Hwang

Run around with a giant plasma blade or a submachine gun, bouncing off of walls and dodging maelstroms of enemy fire to conquer the field. Cue that techno music and awesome sound effects to add to the experience of being like Neo from the Matrix. In S4 League, players are enclosed in generally small maps with different objectives which all force quick thinking, lightning reflexes, and team gameplay.

Getting Started 

S4 League starts off with a tutorial that goes over the basic mechanics of the game. It teaches you how to shoot, switch weapons, dash, jump, jump off of walls, etc. However, you won't thoroughly enjoy the finest points of the game until you get into a real map. In the Lobby, players can choose from over fifteen maps with different game modes. Maps like Nightmare are used in two different game modes (Chaser mode and Captain mode). Currently, there are nine different game modes offered in S4 League. One of the popular ones is called Touchdown (TD), where two opposing teams fight to get the Fumbi (a ball) into the enemy goal. Similar to American football, there is a Half Time, where players can switch characters, gear, and just take a small break before the second half resumes. Points are given according to the goals made, kills/assists on the Fumbi player, and kills/assists while defending the Fumbi player.

Another popular game mode is Deathmatch (DM), where two opposing teams compete for the highest points by killing each other. The variety of maps makes this very fun, especially because the mechanics are easy to pick up and the game is extremely fast-paced.

There are no classes, per se, in S4 League. Players can choose to play to their strengths, whether it be a killing machine, a supporting player, or a super tank. If you're not good at aiming, you can just ditch your gun and go for other weapons (like a sword). Optimally, players should customize their set for the game mode and map they are playing. For example, in TD, there are Striker sets that focus on getting the Fumbi into the opponent's goal. Strikers emphasize mobility, sacrificing long-range weapons for shorter ones and have gear with speed enhancements. Defenders focus on protecting the goal, so their sets are filled with long-range weapons and CC weapons like the Counter Sword or the Cannonade.

Capsules: To Pay or Not to Pay

One disparity I began to notice right off the bat was the discrepancy between players who pay and those who don't. It is difficult, though not impossible, to get good gear without paying money. There are things called "capsules," which players can receive or buy with cash points that comes with enhanced armor and/or weapons. Special gear (for both armor and weapons) have timers which expire with in-game playtime. One such capsule that contains special gear is the G-capsule. All players can receive G-capsules as prizes for winning certain maps, but G-capsules can also be purchased with cash points. Free-to-play players will have a tough time against those who are willing to dish out the money for the capsules, because they will typically be at a stat-disadvantage offensively and defensively.

Feeling the Beat 

One of the noteworthy aspects of S4 League is the sound effects and the background music. The graphics look good, but are definitely enhanced because of the complimentary techno music that brings the world atmosphere to life. Players can feel like the heroes and heroines of anime as they dash past bullets and jump off of walls, all to the music of some awesome beats in the background. Add the sound effects of the guns, the swords, and everything in between, and you've got an epic action sequence going on.

Pity You 

A unique (and funny and a little insulting) system of S4 League is the Pity System. In a variety of the game modes, if the game recognizes that your team is losing, it will give you a boost exponentially proportionate to how badly you are being beaten. For example, in TD, if your team is behind by 2 touchdowns, then your SP drains a little slower (SP is what is required to dash, jump, etc). If a team is behind by 3 touchdowns, there is moderate pity and SP drains even slower. Now, being 4 touchdowns behind eliminates SP drain when a player has the Fumbi, and a damage boost is given to the team. The system is meant to foster competitive gameplay and give a helping hand to the losing team. However, I have never been one for handicaps when it comes to skill-based games, so I'm not sure if I like this pity system (minute as its effect may seem).

Final Verdict  Fair

S4 League is very engaging, super fast-paced, and highly rewarding. The easy mechanics let any player jump right in, but the deeper need for team play makes the game difficult to master. While the graphics, gameplay, and replay value of the game are great, I think there are two huge setbacks of the game: the pay-to-win aspect, and the bugs. The improper balance between the cash shop and the rest of the game kind of ruins the fun. Also, the bugs make the game glitch and lag too often. I had to play through the tutorial three times, because the first two times it bugged out on me. If these issues were ever resolved in the future, I think it has the potential to become a solid game.


S4 League Videos


S4 League Links

S4 League Official Site
S4 League Wikipedia DE (Informative Wikipedia page, but it's in German. Can be translated with Google!)
S4 League Wikia [Database / Guides]

System Requirements

S4 League System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Celeron 1 GHz
Video Card: GeForce 4 MX series
RAM: 512 MB for XP or 1 GB for Vista / 7 / 8
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz or better
Video Card: GeForce 7600 GS or better
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB


S4 League Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

S4 League Additional Information

Developer: GameOn Studio (previously known as Pentavision)
Publisher(s): Alaplaya (NA and EU), Aeria Games (NA and EU), Neowiz Games (Korea)
Composer(s): Bexter, Planetboom, and Forte Escape

Closed Beta: Early 2008 (Alaplaya)
Open Beta:
August 13, 2008 (Alaplaya)
Official Release Date: September 22, 2008 (Alaplaya)

Foreign Release:

South Korea: December 4, 2007 (Neowiz Games / GameOn Studio on the PMang portal)

Development History / Background:

S4 League was developed by South Korean game studio Pentavision, which later became GameOn Studio. Closed beta testing for S4 League began in South Korea back in July 25, 2007 with the original open beta launching on December 4, 2007. The game's success in Korea led to it being licensed for European release in early 2008. Alaplaya secured the English license for the game in early 2008 and opened up the game to Europe and North America. S4 League never became too popular in the U.S., as the servers were always based in Europe. Once Alaplaya shut down, Aeria Games picked up the license for S4 League and operates the game in the U.S. and Europe.

  • kernom

    Don't forget the mass amount of hackers that plague this game. Stick to the newbie channels or you're forced to eat dust from speedhackers and the likes.

  • Goat

    This would be an amazing game if it didn't have any hackers.

    • Yeah 🙁 I loved S4 League. I used to play it so much years ago back when it was on Alaplaya. The music is awesome!

      • Cloud Strife

        Recently there are almost no hackers i played quite a bit of matches,didnt see any of em.

  • Justtom

    Used to be good years back, too many hackers nowadays

  • metalsnake27

    I've been playing it on and off recently. The game is still kicking, but also rather dead. (I think at peak times it hovers around 2500 players, maybe not even)

    I played back in OBT and also when the game was at it's peak (15-20k players online at once) and the game has DRASTICALLY changed after Pentavision lost the license to it.

    What I will say is that: If you're looking to play it again, the hackers are no where near as rampant as they used to be (still there, but 99% of the time I can play matches fine with no hackers).

    It's still extremely P2W though, remember back then when the premium benefits were so minimum? Good times... then Pentavision realized they aren't making any money XD

  • Marlana

    that moment when you're in the screenshots. LMFA00000000000000000

    • Celline Goldenstein


  • Kahlo kahlow

    Don't play this game. Waste of time. You'll try to play to get better only to notice that other players are just toxic pieces of shits. While you will try to improve your game and master a respectable weapon, you'll start seeing a lot of trash players being obnoxious because they beat you while using the easiest possible weapon in the game and spamming non stop.

    Even now it's at the point where, when you insult a hacker, you're the one who's guilty even though you're not motherfucking hacking. Basically, you know how people who play like trash in Leagues of Legends get shit on by the majority of the community? You know how people who play like trash get shit on by the majority of the community in cs:go? Yeah, well don't expect that much common sense in that game. In that game it's the opposite. It's the trash players that shit on the good ones.

    It's to the point where hackers now get cocky for scoring or for killing when they modifying the stats and putting absurd stuff in their equipment. They could basically just have god mode, speed hack and inf sp (sp is like mana allowing you to run which is the main thing to do in this game). That's how shit this game as become now.

    Common sense = 0 points //////////// Retardness = 10000000000000000000000000000000 points

  • Kahlo kahlow

    What to even start with... The game is extremely unbalanced. People always use the EASIEST of the weapons and they will start telling you stuff like ''ez'' ''1v1?'' ''noob'' all day long. It's also heavily pay2win. It used to be bearable but now it's horrible. You can have enhancements thin addition to all the added stats of paid items. The game is also filled with hackers. It's like a body infested with all kinds of diseases and cancer everywhere. There are hacks that allows you to change clothes and weapons to have better stats and enchantments.

    You just can't understand how ridiculous it has become. The game has been taken over by hackers. Literally. There's a thing called WatchDogBot now in which it monitors EVERY ROOM and it's not even part of the game. It's a hack implemented IN the game. That's how bad it is. Don't bother installing this game. The best way to kill the game is to make people stop play. That's the only thing that could fix this. Even the community defends people who are in need of absurd stats to play. They could just join the game with god mode and inf sp (sp is something that lets you run and do walljumps).

  • Alias

    this game is stylish but dusty and OLD. there are issues of bad
    behavioral favoritism for negative people who cannot take a loss. The
    game it self is well made but in terms of customer service 1out of 10
    they are 1 to very bad. It is poorly designed mathematically making it
    strategically bad for a self claimed strategic game. I would give this
    game a miss if u care about community and out standing multiplayer
    customer service for your time because you cant get time back lad's.

  • Clumsy Fawn

    Great game, can't recommend it.

    Hackers plague every single room and Aeria Games does absolutely nothing about it.
    The hackers blame their actions on Aeria Games, and the cycle of retardation continues.

    The only way you can play the game is if you played it back in 2k9-2k11 and people from that time still play, so you can get into private rooms and have fun like you used to, otherwise it's simply a hack fest.

    Game is pay to win, yes, but you can very decent stuff from events for free, such as the Halloween Set.

    It's sad to see this game turn out to be like this, Aeria Games is to blame because they simply do not care for their games at all, and community doesn't help by rampantly hacking and not kicking hackers off rooms. So both sides are just plain retarded.

    Avoid this game at any cost, it's nothing like it was before.