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Wind of Luck: Arena

Battle with naval warships to conquer the seas, sinking any ship that stands in your way, in Wind of Luck: Arena. The naval MOBA brings to life the adventures of being a ship captain, from managing a crew to customizing a fleet.

Publisher: Trazzy Entertainment
Playerbase: Low
Type: MOBA
Release Date: June 06, 2014
Shut Down: March 1, 2016
Pros: +Various ship customization options. +Strategic decisions. +Simple, yet beautiful graphics.
Cons: -Awkward controls. -Skeleton tutorial. -Small playerbase.


Wind of Luck: Arena Overview

Wind of Luck: Arena is a free-to-play MOBA where players strive to rule the seas by sinking the naval ships of the opposing team. Choose from various weapons like carronades, cannons, and catapults to arm your fleet. Accrue fame, wealth, and expertise to unlock abilities, purchase more ships, and recruit crew members. Customize your ship's maneuverability, firepower, and speed to be a nuker or a run-and-gunner—whatever fits your play style. Recruit specialists improve your ship, increasing stats such as cannon fire, but be wary that they're not killed in battle. Engage in frantic 9v9 naval battles and take supremacy of the seas from your enemies. Wind of Luck: Arena shut down on March 1, 2016.

Wind of Luck: Arena Key Features:

  • Customize Your Fleet – choose from three different styles of ships and customize each ship with weapons, sails, speed, crew members, and more.
  • Fame is the Name of the Game – win battles and increase your fame in order to unlock higher tier ships, meaning more speed and firepower.
  • Take Control gameplay requires multi-tasking, from adjusting sails to firing cannons, while also gazing through an awesome telescope to check out the landscape.
  • Great Graphics – if you're a ship fanatic, you'll love the simple yet beautiful details of the ship styles (Asian, Caribbean, or Mediterranean) to the weapons.
  • 9v9 Battles - team up with 8 other players dominate the seas.

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Full Review

Wind of Luck: Arena Review

By Chanel Hwang

Battle with naval warships to conquer the seas in Wind of Luck: Arena. This free-to-play MMO brings to life the adventures of being a ship captain, from managing a crew to customizing a fleet. While the game presents many exciting features and great ideas, the execution leaves a bit to be desired.

Getting Started

Players will immediately be thrust into the tutorial when the game begins. As to what this tutorial is supposed to teach you, I'm not quite sure. My game is in English (one of the six supported languages), but the grammar was so poor that I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to do at times. After five minutes of floundering through the tutorial, I finally looked up the controls online. I was a bit overwhelmed; there are over fifty key controls to the game. Eventually, I decided to jump into a game and learn on the fly.

I engaged in a 9v9 Battle, one of two modes currently available in Wind of Luck: Arena. It is essentially a deathmatch, where one team of nine players must sink the other team of nine players. At first, I was a little chagrined at how slowly my shipped moved. I didn't really know where I was going, so I followed my team through the map until we found the enemies. And this was where the fun started. Cannon balls were flying everywhere and my comrades were sinking around me. I frantically tried to maneuver my ship to fire my own cannons, and found the controls quite comfortable. After ten minutes of throwing oil barrels at enemies, firing cannons, and wildly sailing the seas, my team claimed victory as a player sunk the last ship. I have to admit, the fighting was pretty fun. While the controls are a bit overwhelming in their sheer numbers, and difficult to learn without a guide, the feel of actually moving the ship was very smooth. Promptly, I returned to the Shipyard.

Welcome to the Shipyard

After my first battle I took some time to explore the Shipyard menu. This is where players can purchase cannons, upgrade their ships, and recruit crew members. Various buttons run along the top of the screen, such as the Arsenal, the Store, the Tavern, and the Tier Tree. Everyone starts with three Tier I ships of each style: Asian, Caribbean, and Mediterranean. Your active ship is the one staring at you dead center from the shipyard, and is the one you'll be customizing from the Shipyard menu. In order to switch between ships, simply click on the ship icon on the bottom of the screen.

The types of weapons you can use are limited to what is available according to your expertise and fame. Every time you fight, you earn fame, expertise, and piaster (in-game currency). Fame unlocks new ships, expertise unlocks tech in the Tier Tree, and piaster is the money needed to buy things. In order to get bigger and better cannons, carronades, or whatnot from the Tier Tree players will need to accrue the expertise needed for the particular weapon. It is important to note that expertise is accrued for each ship, meaning that if you want your Gay Bao (Asian Tier IV) to have a particular cannon, you'll have to use that ship to accrue the required amount of expertise.

Crew members called Specialists can be hired through the Tavern. Specialists improve certain characteristics of a ship, such as cannon fire, and can be killed in battle. Depending on the ship, players can hire one to three specialists to maintain or bolster the ship.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

There are currently three different maps in Wind of Luck: Arena, with two new ones pending. Developers promise five different game modes, of which only one is available. The game is still in its early testing stages, and will hopefully see more progress in the future.

The 9v9 battles showcase the great potential of this game. Sailing across the sea to meet enemies head on in a fierce naval battle is extremely fun. The type of boat you choose to use greatly affects gameplay. Players can utilize grand frigates to outgun and overpower those who oppose them, or zip around in a small ship with incredible speed and maneuverability. It really becomes a battle to blow a hole through the hulls of your enemies, and requires skill to land shots. From managing camera angles to putting out fires and adjusting sails, players will have to multi-task and master the controls to gain dominance over the seas. After all, running a ship ain't easy.

Got Cash? Become an Admiral

Players willing to spend the extra buck can go from being a Captain to an Admiral. Admirals gain fame, expertise, and wealth 50% faster, meaning they can obtain higher tier ships and better weapons sooner. In the future, developers hope to bring in a clan system called "brotherhoods," where admiral accounts will have exclusive power to create brotherhoods (though anyone can join one).

The balance of the impact of real-world cash is not too severe in Wind of Luck: Arena, so free-to-play players shouldn't worry too much about being strong-armed out of the game.

Final Verdict - Fair

Wind of Luck: Arena has some great features and is pursuing some great ideas. However, the execution is a little rough and the development is rolling out a little slowly. If this game could produce those promised game modes and revamp their tutorial, I'm sure more players would be willing to give this free-to-play naval game a shot and discover the fun of becoming a sea wolf.


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System Requirements

Wind of Luck: Arena Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8 32 and 64 bit
CPU: Dual Core 2 GHz
Video Card: 512 Mb ATI Radeon 4850 or comparable NVIDIA (latest drivers) and support OpenGL 3.2
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8 32 and 64 bit
CPU: Dual Core 3 GHz
Video Card: 1 Gb ATI Radeon 6850 or comparable NVIDIA (latest drivers) and support OpenGL 3.2
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB


Wind of Luck: Arena Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Wind of Luck: Arena Additional Information

Developer(s): Trazzy Entertainment
Publisher(s): Trazzy Entertainment

Game Engine: C4

Languages: English, German, Italian, Polish Russian, Spanish

Steam Greenlight Posting: September 25, 2014
Open Beta: November 25, 2013

Release Date: June 06, 2014
Steam Release Date: August 18, 2015

Shut Down: March 1, 2016

Development History / Background:

Wind of Luck: Arena is developed by Trazzy Entertainment, an independent video game development company that has released Tagimoto and Revenge of Roger Rouge. The company was founded in 2009 as Homo Habilis Studio, and later renamed to Trazzy Entertainment in 2011. Wind of Luck: Arena has been Trazzy Entertainment's main project for the past few years. On November 25, 2013, the open beta for Wind of Luck: Arena went live and was met with a small audience of excited players. The game shut down on March 1, 2016.