Top 10 Most Popular MMORPGs in the World

Top 10 Most Popular MMORPGs Worldwide (By Users)

A top 10 list of the most popular MMORPGs world-wide by registered users. You might be surprised what games made this list! Even though "registered users" isn't a perfect benchmark, it's the only number that's easily available for almost every MMO. The list is similar to the top 10 most profitable MMORPGs worldwide list which I made earlier, as the games with the most players also tend to make the most money. For a more detailed look at each of these games, see my full list (top 15) of the most popular MMORPGs.

This list includes the following games in this order: Dragon Oath, Scions of Fate, World of Warcraft, MapleStory, The Legend of Mir 3, Dragon Nest, RuneScape, Fantasy Westward Journey, and Dungeon Fighter Online.