Blizzard to Reduce Duplicate Loot in Overwatch & Hearthstone

Blizzard is looking to kill two birds with one stone with their upcoming patches for Overwatch and Hearthstone, by implementing changes in the loot systems in both games to reduce the frequency of duplicate items received. In Overwatch's latest developer update, Jeff Kaplan explains that the reduction of duplicates coming to the lootbox system should be "immediately evident and extremely [...]

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Paradox Receives Backlash on Price Hikes

A recent move by Paradox Interactive to raise prices on their games has been met with backlash and criticism from users. These price adjustments have been made in select regions, with 26 countries including Russia, China, and UK having been affected by the new market price changes. Paradox discusses the reasons behind the increased price adjustments below... "This is something [...]

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