Netease's Mobile RPG Onmyoji Launches on Steam

Netease's mobile RPG Onmyoji launched on Steam this week joining its other mobile title Crusaders of Light, which launched on the platform earlier this year. Like Crusaders of Light, Onmyoji is cross-platform between PC and mobile. While it's clear that Onmyoji is a mobile game, having it available on Steam is convenient for those who prefer playing on the PC. [...]

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Dota 2 Playerbase is Shrinking with 10.6M Monthly players, HotS at 6.5m, Smite at 2M, League of Legends at ~100M

SuperdataResearch released an interesting chart today showing Dota 2's decline since its peak with the 7.0 update over a year ago. Dota 2 peaked at nearly 14 million monthly active players with the 7.0 update and has since fallen to 10.6m monthly active users. While Dota 2 is by no means a dead game, the trend seen above is definitely [...]

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