New Overwatch Animated Short Reveals Mei’s Tear-Jerking Origin Story

overwatch mei endothermic blaster

Like I said, Blizzard Entertainment has pulled out all the stops when it comes to promotional videos. Aside from the Hearthstone animated short, Blizzard also revealed an Overwatch animated short during their Gamescom presentation called “Rise and Shine” starring the freeze-ray totting climatologist, Mei. “In "Rise and Shine”, Mei wakes up years after being cryogenically frozen to find that Overwatch [...]

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Blizzard Debuts Hearthstone “Hearth And Home” Animated Short At Gamescom 2017

hearthstone hearth and home short

Blizzard Entertainment has long since pulled out the stops when it comes to high production value trailers and promotional videos. Whether it’s an Overwatch animated series, a Heroes of the Storm hero reveal, or a Hearthstone update trailer, you know it’s going to be good. During their Gamescom presentation yesterday, the studio debuted Hearth and Home, a Hearthstone-inspired musical animated [...]

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Dual Universe, Upcoming Crowdfunded MMO, set to go live with Pre-Alpha on September 30th.

Dual Universe's developers, the studio Novaquark, has announced that it has almost completed the first critical phase of development of its "Flagship MMO title," Dual Universe. Thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign - the 3rd most funded video game of 2016, at that - Dual Universe is going to be moving into Pre-Alpha on September 30th, 2017. Backers who pledged [...]

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Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates 10 Million Players with a 30% Off Optional Items Sale!

Huge disclaimer here, folks: When Final Fantasy XIV says they've hit 10 Million Players, they do not mean 10 Million active players - just that 10M have purchased and tried FFXIV out. With that out of the way, to celebrate 10M registered players, FFXIV will be hosting a month-long sale in the Mogstation Store - from August 24th, 2017, until September [...]

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VR Esports Platform Raises $9.8M

VR Esports viewing platform, has managed to raise $9.8 million in its latest round of funding. Having initially launched last year, boasts a 360-degree immersive stadium experience for spectators across PC, mobile and VR platforms. The Esports viewing platform also comes bundled with other features and goodies, such as its Esports betting component Watch & Win, as well [...]

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