Top 5 Blockchain Projects in Gaming

When you think about blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind will probably be cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Then you might think of this continuously growing list of blocks of records (that’s secured by cryptography) disrupting the healthcare and financial industry. Another area where blockchain-based technologies (and tokens) are starting to make a huge impact is the gaming industry. While [...]

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Lootboxes - Extra Credits vs Jim Sterling

Extra Credits posted a video this week about their take on the whole lootbox controversy and whether lootboxes should even exist in video games. I found their view to be a lot more closely aligned with my own, while also acknowledging the counter points brought up by notable gaming commentator Jim Sterling. While we discussed the lootbox controversy in some [...]

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The Clock Tower: Fate/Grand Order meets The Garden of Sinners Collab Event!

Hello again, class. Remember how last time we met, your professor kindly asked you to silence your cellphones? Well, this time, please turn them on, at full blast, and call for help, because we're investigating a haunted apartment building. It's time for The Clock Tower guide to the Fate/Grand Order x The Garden of Sinners collaboration event - The Garden [...]

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