Dota 2 Playerbase is Shrinking with 10.6M Monthly players, HotS at 6.5m, Smite at 2M, League of Legends at ~100M

SuperdataResearch released an interesting chart today showing Dota 2's decline since its peak with the 7.0 update over a year ago. Dota 2 peaked at nearly 14 million monthly active players with the 7.0 update and has since fallen to 10.6m monthly active users. While Dota 2 is by no means a dead game, the trend seen above is definitely [...]

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Conan Exiles Officially Launching on May 8th

Conan Exiles, the buy to play survival game from Funcom, is officially launching on May 8th, 2018 after 14 months of early access. The game will be available on PC, Xbox, and PS4. To celebrate the upcoming launch, Funcom released the following new Conan Exiles trailer: The biggest changes with full release is a revamped combat system, 2 new giant [...]

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The Division Update 1.8.1 Is Now Live Along With The Xbox One X Visual Enhancement Patch

the division last stand

Last week, Ubisoft revealed the details of Update 1.8.1 for The Division. The update is now live and it comes with the highly-awaited Xbox One X Enhancement Patch which significantly improves visuals on the console with 4K rendering and a host of other graphical improvements. The update also brings with it two new Global Event: Blackout and Onslaught. Global Event [...]

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Dauntless Open Beta Begins May 24

dauntless slayers

Phoenix Labs, the studio behind co-op action RPG Dauntless, announced that the game will enter Open Beta testing on May 24. Over 100,000 players have taken part in the game's ongoing Closed Beta and 700,000 have signed up for the upcoming open beta. Dauntless is heavily inspired by Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise and will beat the PC version of Monster [...]

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Lawbreakers Developer Bosskey Reveals New Game - An 80s-Infused Battle Royale Game Show

Bosskey Studios, the company behind Lawbreakers, revealed their newest project today - Radical Heights, an 80s-infused cartoony battle royale game set in a game show. Not only did they reveal their new game, but early access is set to begin tomorrow on April 10th. Given how many battle royale games have been announced since Fortnite and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds popularized the [...]

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Stunlock Studios Partners With Twitch and Nexon For Battlerite Pro League

Stunlock Studios, the company behind Battlerite, announced this week that they partnered with Twitch and Nexon to help them bring the competitive Battlerite scene worldwide. Twitch will be the game's exclusive streaming partner for the game's first 3 seasons while Nexon will be responsible for producing the events in South Korea. Anyone can sign up for the league qualifiers up [...]

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