Indie Developer Mantisco Announces ARPG Battle Royale Hybrid - Hunter’s Arena: Legends

hunters arena hunter group

Independent Korean developer Mantisco has just announced a new ARPG Battle Royale hybrid game called Hunter’s Arena: Legends in a press release earlier today. Hunter’s Arena promises a unique PvPvE experience featuring fast-paced melee combat, action RPG elements, and a unique PvE-centric progression combined with the adrenaline-pumping action of a Battle Royale game. “Hunter’s Arena’s main mode is RPG Royale [...]

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Overwatch Anniversary Celebrations Start Today, Play For Free Until May 28th

overwatch heroes pose

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Overwatch is turning three years old this week and Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating the occasion by hosting a week-long free play event. The event kicks off today and will run until May 28th. But, wait there’s more! Blizzard will also be dropping anniversary-exclusive content which will be available to all players, even [...]

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Apex Legends Tweaks Game Sounds And Hit Detection In Their Latest Patch

apex legends knife bloodhound

Apex Legends is turning down the volume in the battle royale shooter’s latest update. Aside from toning down the game’s overall volume, update 1.1.3 also decreases the sound made by nearby enemy footsteps. The update also addresses audio issues across that led to crashes and unusually high CPU usage. Update 1.1.3 also introduced fixes for incorrect hit detection which has [...]

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Latest PlanetSide 2 Update Comes With Full DX 11 Integration, A New Faction, And A New Event

planetside 2 nanite system operative

With hundreds of players battling it out in PlanetSide 2 and thousands of bullets flying through the air, performance has always been an issue in Daybreak Games’ sci-fi shooter. Players will be happy to know that the latest update has just dropped a slew of new content into the game including full DX11 integration which should have a noticeable effect [...]

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