Jandisoft Shows off Mad World Raiding Gameplay

JANDISOFT, a South Korean game studio, revealed earlier this week a new gameplay video showing off some raiding content in their upcoming HTML5 powered cross platform MMORPG. Check it out below: Field Raid: Boss Raid: PvP Battle Zone: Mad World is an ambitious title with one of its core features being multi-platform play. PC users will be able to play [...]

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DayBreak Games Announces EverQuest 2 Expansion: Chaos Descending, Beta Access Available with Pre-Order

EverQuest 2's latest expansion, Chaos Descending, is available for pre-order today and will be launching on November 13th, 2018. Anyone who pre-orders the expansion can begin playing the beta for it right away. The base version is available for $34.99, Collector's Edition for $89.99, and Premium for $139.99. Learn more about the different versions here. Check out the key features [...]

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