US Copyright Office Considering Abandoned Online Games Exemption

The U.S. Copyright Office is currently considering easing DMCA anti-circumvention provisions which come up for renewal every 3 years. One of the most important topics being considered this year center around the preservation of abandoned video games. Previous rulings have granted museums, libraries, and other archival organizations the right to use emulators and other tools to make old games playable. [...]

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Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan Removed from Steam for Review Manipulation

The buy to play action MMORPG Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan was removed from Steam on February 13, 2018 for review manipulation. Multiple accounts associated with the game's publisher, Insel Games, were caught posting only positive reviews about the game, which is a clear violation of Steam's terms of service. In response, Valve removed all Insel Games titles from Steam [...]

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Analyst at Nexon's Investor Q&A Session Suggests Lawbreakers Will Shut Down

In Nexon's Q4 2017 Q&A call with analysts and investors, an analyst from Goldman Sachs asks Nexon CEO the following question: "...Lawbreakers, now you're going into that console business but the title is going to be terminated, but you're in the console business. So, any takeaways from that? Any perspective on the console business in the incoming years?" -Time Stamp [...]

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