Square Enix Reports Earnings - MMO Revenue Down, HD Games Down, and Mobile Games Down

Square Enix reported their Q2 2018 earnings (FY Q1 2019) this last week and the numbers weren't particularly good. Revenue is down across every major category including MMO Games, Mobile Games, and HD Games (everything excluding MMO / Mobile). Revenue declines at the MMO division aren't uprising as its been a year since Final Fantasy XIV's latest expansion launched. Revenues [...]

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Discord Announces The Discord Store, Beta Starts Today

Three years after its public release, the chat and video platform Discord is ready to reveal the next phase of their plan for world domination. Starting today, beta invites have started to trickle out for Discord's new gaming storefront. The Discord Store will offer a curated gaming selection with personalized notes accompanying many titles, written by various Discord employees. The [...]

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2K Games’ Christoph Hartmann Joins Amazon Game Studios As Vice President

amazon game studios logo

The future of Amazon Game Studios has looked pretty bleak since their flagship game Breakaway was cancelled a few months ago. This also shed doubt on whether the studio’s other games will ever see the light of day, including Crucible and the highly-anticipated MMO sandbox game New World. Amazon, however, has just announced that 20-year industry veteran Christoph Hartmann has [...]

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Activision Blizzard Reports Strong Q2 2018 Earnings

Activision Blizzard reported their second quarter 2018 earnings report today and surprise surprise, Activision Blizzard is really good at making money. They reported revenues of $1.64 billion for the quarter, up from $1.63 billion for the last quarter last year. Take a look at the company's highlighted statistics from their quarterly investor slidedeck: Hearthstone continues to perform exceptionally well and [...]

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Electronic Arts Launches Origin Access Premier With Anthem Head Start, Discontinues ‘On The House’ Program

ea origin access premier logo

Subscribing to Electronic Art’s Origin Access not only gives you instant access to hundreds of games, you also get access to DLC’s and expansions, a 10-hour free trial for new games, and a 10% discount on new purchases. If you’re looking for a little more exclusivity though, you might want to try out EA’s newly-launched Origin Access Premier. For an [...]

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Lords Mobile Makes $50 Million Per Month

Here's another reminder that mobile games are big business - In IGG's annual report published earlier this year they revealed that Lords Mobile is now making about $50 million per month in revenue worldwide (and still growing). That's a staggering sum of money for a single mobile game. Especially one that's so similar in core gameplay to dozens of other [...]

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