Creator Of DDoS Program, Used Against RuneScape, Minecraft And Others, Sentenced

When Adam Mudd was a teenager he created and sold the Titanium Stresser program, which has been used to launch DDoS attacks against Minecraft, Runescape, Teamspeak, Microsoft, and others. A judge sentenced the 20 year old to a young offender institution for two years, as reported by The Guardian. Among the targets was the fantasy game RuneScape, which had 25,000 [...]

Read more Forms New Division To Invest $100 Million In Game Development announced today that it has formed a new investment division that will be tasked with investing up to $100 million into the funding of games development. According to the announcement, "the division will be financing accomplished game studios and publishers that need funding for scaling, as well as young game developers." Group CEO Boris Dobrodeev had the following [...]

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ChangYou's Q1 Revenues Down 8% Year-Over-Year

ChangYou seems to be on somewhat of a major downturn right now, as its first quarter 2017 revenues are showing non-trivial decreases year-over-year. In total, the company made $120 million in revenue, an 8% decrease year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter. Online game revenue was a mere $85 million, a 17% decreases year-over-year and an 11% decrease quarter-over-quarter. ChangYou claims that the decrease [...]

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Grindfest Friday: Neverwinter

On this Grindfest Friday the crew revisits Neverwinter after a very long hiatus: what's changed, what's new, what's goodie? We'll also be giving away keys for exclusive in-game mounts during the stream. When: That depends on where you live: 7PM EST 4PM PST If you can't make it you can always watch on the YouTube channel once its [...]

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