Survived By Gameplay First Look

Survived By First Look Survived By is a free to play 2D isometric bullet hell rogue lite MMO developed by the American studio Human Head and published by Digital Extremes. The game looks and plays a lot like Realm of the Mad God and features a unique permadeath mechanic that acts as a means of progression. When characters die they're [...]

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Grand Chase Mobile Gameplay First Look

Grand Chase First Look Grand Chase: Dimensional Chasers, or just Grand Chase, is a free to play mobile action strategy RPG developed and published by KOG Games. It's the sequel to the now shut down PC version of Grand Chase. The core gameplay is similar to other Gacha games (think Fate/Grand Order and Epic Seven for example) in that players [...]

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Weekly News Recap #175 – November 26, 2018

Weekly MMO News Recap #175 - November 26, 2018 A look at MMO News and updates for the week ending November 26, 2018. This is episode 175 in a weekly series every Monday that will cover all major MMO news and updates. The games covered this week were: MapleStory MapleStory 2, Aion, Albion Online, Aura Kingdom, Warlords Awakening, Project Gorgon, [...]

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