Ubisoft Is Diving Back Into Blockchain Gaming With Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

champions tactics grimoria chronicles logo

Ubisoft is taking yet another stab at NFTs and blockchain gaming with a new “experimental” PvP tactical RPG called Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. According to the game’s official website, the game will exclusively be available on PC and will pit players against each other in team-based tactical battles. Champions Tactics will make use of the Oasys blockchain, a platform that’s [...]

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Ubisoft Dives Head First Into NFTs Again With Assassins Creed Smart Collectibles

assassin's creed 2 ezio firenze key art

Ubisoft's first foray into NFTs with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was a colossal failure, but it seems they just can't resist another shot at the NFT game. This time, they're bringing the controversial technology to the beloved Assassin's Creed franchise. Brace yourselves for "smart collectibles" dubbed as "digital souls," which can be personalized with outfits, weapons, and poses. And here's the [...]

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Blockchain MMORPG Life Beyond Opens New Persistent Social Area Called ‘The Hub’

life beyond the hub social zone

Life Beyond Studios (formerly Darewise Entertainment) has opened a new persistent social area in Life Beyond where the blockchain MMORPG’s players can hang out and interact with each other at any time of the day. The new social space, creatively named The Hub, is located on board the Columbus1 exploration ship drifting above the planet Dolos. Players will be able [...]

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ArcheWorld, a Blockchain MMORPG based on ArcheAge, is Launching April 20, 2023

ArcheWorld, the blockchain-based MMORPG developed by South Korean based XLGames, is opening pre-registration for its North American servers. The game, which is set to launch on April 20, 2023, is based on the popular ArcheAge IP and is a separate entity from the upcoming sequel, ArcheAge 2. While most crypto projects have typically been launched by smaller independent game studios, [...]

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CCP Games Teases New EVE Online Blockchain Spinoff Codenamed Project Awakening

eve online quantum cores update banner

CCP Games has well and truly embraced the world of blockchain and NFTs with the announcement of its first blockchain game, codenamed Project Awakening. The upcoming game will be set in the same universe as the studio’s popular sci-fi sandbox MMORPG EVE Online and will leverage smart-contract blockchain technology alongside third-party open source development to create a new way of [...]

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Square Enix Goes Full Steam Ahead On Its NFT Game ‘Symbiogenesis’, Official Website Now Live

symbiogenesis blockchain nft logo

You’d probably think that Square Enix would have given up on its plans to dabble in blockchain gaming, but it’s still moving forward with its plans to launch an NFT game called Symbiogenesis. The game’s website has just gone live with more information about the upcoming blockchain title that’s being billed as “narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment.” The website talks up the [...]

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Enjin Is Shutting Down Its Website Builder In April To Focus On Blockchain And NFTs

enjin blockchain company logo

If you’re a long-time MMORPG player that’s been fairly active in guilds, then you’ve probably heard about the community gaming website called Enjin, a platform that allowed guilds to create their own websites and forums. The name will probably also be familiar to cryptocurrency enthusiasts following the creation of the Enjin Coin in 2017. Unfortunately, the company has announced that [...]

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