Tencent Launches Mobile Game in Support of China's President - Players can "Clap" for Xi Jinping

Tencent launched a new mobile game today in China in support of president Xi Jinping where players can "Clap" for president Xi Jinping. The faster players tap their screen the more they clap! The game seems to have leaderboards too so there's some competitive element involved. The game was released just in time for the opening of the Community Party [...]

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CCP Games Announces Mobile Game Inspired By EVE Online

CCP Games is working on a mobile game! The Iclandic studio behind EVE Online has partnered with Finnish studio PlayRaven for a new project currently known as Project Aurora. PlayRaven has some experience in the mobile realm, they're the studio behind mobile strategy games Winterstate and Spymaster. According to an interview with GamesBeat, Project Aurora is "essentially a condensed EVE [...]

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Spacetime Studios Announces New Mobile MMO Pocket Legends Adventures

pocket legends adventures banner

Texas-based mobile game developer Spacetime Studios announced on Twitter last week that they will be running an NDA-covered closed beta test for an “Unannounced Game.” In a press release earlier today, the studio officially confirmed that they are working on Pocket Legends Adventures which they describe as “A Charming Homage to World's First 3D Mobile MMO.” “Pocket Legends Adventures [is] [...]

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Fate/Grand Order at Anime Weekend Atlanta - Free Saint Quartz & Daily Quest Revamp!

Preface: Without the people at the Fate/Grand Order Subreddit, this information would have never reached our years. Thank you, /u/chaosking121, for attending AWA and bringing us this info! Now, onto the meat of the information! Fate/Grand Order NA, since its launch, has followed a different system than Japan's. While the core gameplay and Servants are the same, Fate/Grand Order NA [...]

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