ARK: Survival Evolved Has Officially Launched For Mobile Devices

ark: survival evolved mobile launch

The mobile spin-off of Studio Wildcard’s dino-taming sandbox game ARK: Survival Evolved has officially launched on Android and iOS. The mobile was developed in collaboration with War Drum Studios, and, according to the official press release, promises to be the same game but designed specifically for handheld gaming. “Designed and developed by War Drum Studios, ARK: Survival Evolved mobile is [...]

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Webzen Launches Corps War Update for MU Origin

Webzen rolled out its latest content update for their mobile MMORPG MU Origin today which brings with it a new guild competition system, the Corps War. Player level 50 and higher that are members of Guilds above lvl 6 can participate in the weekly territory conquest Corps War which happens every Sunday. While MU Origin doesn't look too different from [...]

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Netease's Mobile RPG Onmyoji Launches on Steam

Netease's mobile RPG Onmyoji launched on Steam this week joining its other mobile title Crusaders of Light, which launched on the platform earlier this year. Like Crusaders of Light, Onmyoji is cross-platform between PC and mobile. While it's clear that Onmyoji is a mobile game, having it available on Steam is convenient for those who prefer playing on the PC. [...]

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Gungho Online Entertainment Launches Mobile Card-Based Battle Game Chrono MA:GIA

Japanese game developer GungHo Online Entertainment, the company best known for Puzzle & Dragons, launched a new mobile card based battle game this week titled Chrono MA:GIA (available here). In fact, Chrono MA:GIA was designed by Daisuke Yamamoto, the same guy behind Puzzle & Dragons. Besides simply building 20 card decks, players have customizable Magia skills they can use to [...]

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