Titanfall: Assault, Mobile Game based on Titanfall, launches on iOS and Android!

Titanfall 2? On my mobile device? It may be more likely than you think! Titanfall: Assault is the latest attempt to bring the Titanfall franchise to mobile devices, after Titanfall: Frontline closed down. It isn't a first person shooter, but neither is it one of those crummy "BUILD YOUR EMPIRE TODAY!" mobile games. No, Titanfall: Assault is an RTS. “Titanfall: Assault combines the [...]

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Vainglory Studio Secures $19M in Funding

Super Evil Megacorp, the studio behind the popular mobile MOBA Vainglory, has netted a hefty $19M in a recent round of funding. No doubt happy with their performance so far, Super Evil Megacorp has already doubled their studio space and is rolling up their sleeves for the next big step. "Like on every other platform, players on mobile will gravitate [...]

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