Asymmetric Horror Survival Game Dead By Daylight Coming To Mobile Devices Later This Year

dead by dayligth chuckles meat hook

Mobile gamers will soon be able to experience the chills and thrills of Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetric horror survival game Dead by Daylight on their mobile devices. The studio announced that the game will be coming to Android and iOS later this year featuring a fully-rebuilt game made specifically for mobile gaming. The good news is that, unlike the PC version, [...]

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Officially Launches On Android And iOS A Day Ahead Of Schedule

harry potter wizards unite logo black bg

“Harry – yer a wizard.” Apparently, so is most of the world’s population as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite officially launches one day ahead of schedule. Developer Niantic, best known for Pokemon Go, has quietly rolled out their highly-awaited mobile augmented reality game in a number of regions including the United States. “From the makers of Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards [...]

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Ubisoft Announces New Mobile Game ‘Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad’, Watch The E3 2019 Trailer Here

tom clancy's elite squad characters

Ubisoft is on a roll at E3 in Los Angeles. The French video game developer has unveiled another game set in Tom Clancy’s world, but this time it’s on mobile. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a mobile RPG featuring iconic characters from the Tom Clancy universe and games including Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, and The Division. “For the [...]

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Mobile MMORPG World of Kings Launches

Loong Entertainment's mobile MMORPG World of Kings officially launched today in English globally for both iOS and Android. The game offers 4 playable races (Human, High Elf, Orc and Dwarf) and 9 classes (Warrior, Mage, and Priest, and then evolve into one of three advanced classes, like a Vampire, Battle Mage, or Spellblade). Each class also has 3 job advancements [...]

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Mobile MMORPG Mu Origin 2 Launches

MU Origin 2, the second mobile spin-off of the popular MU Online franchise, officially launched today globally in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Webzen promises that MU Origin 2 features the same hardcore gameplay found in the original MU Online game. Check out the game's launch trailer below: While I'm not sure about MU Origin 2's future, I know the original [...]

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