A Financial Look at Square Enix

A Financial Look at Square Enix By Omer A financial look at Square Enix - the iconic Japanese video game developer and publisher best known for the Final Fantasy franchise. I discuss the company's revenues, profits, balance sheet, stock price, and more. I ultimately conclude that the company is doing quite well and that it has a lot of growth [...]

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Arpiel Gameplay - Grindfest Friday

Arpiel Grindfest Friday with the MMOs.com Crew The MMOs.com crew (Sean MIA this week) tackles Ar:piel, a free to play action MMORPG by Nexon Korea with sleek anime graphics. It's only available in South Korea with no English patch available, but luckily there are no IP blocks. The core gameplay is very similar to HeroWarz and Soul Worker Online in [...]

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Lineage 2 Gameplay - Grindfest Friday

Lineage 2 Grindfest Friday with the MMOs.com Crew Lineage 2 is a free to play fantasy MMORPG developed and published by NCSoft and is a sequel to the original Lineage game. The game originally launched back in 2003. The game features a robust array of playable classes (over 30) which converge into 10 or so classes late-game. The game has [...]

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