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Aberoth is an 8-bit browser-based MMORPG that features a MUD-like interface, persistent PVP, and tons of items and regions to discover.

Publisher: Jarbit
Playerbase: Low
Release Date: July 17, 2015
PvP: Persistent PVP World
Pros: +Simple gameplay mechanics. +Very low system requirements. +Full PvP.
Cons: -Low quality 8-bit graphics. -Grinding gameplay.



Aberoth Overview

Explore an 8-bit fantasy world inhabited with creatures of all shapes and sizes in Aberoth, a MUD-like MMORPG with retro-style graphics. Gear up your character with a large variety of weapons, equipment, and items that can be traded without any restrictions. But beware, enemies can pick up dropped equipment and use them to their benefit. Journey through 16 massive areas on your own, or join forces with other players to complete quests and take on the multitude of enemies plaguing the world, and explore numerous maze-like dungeons on your quest to become the strongest champion in the world. Combat other players almost anywhere thanks to unlimited PvP, meaning danger can lurk behind any corner. Tame monsters and turn them into your pets, or transform yourself into a creature and play as a monster.

Aberoth Key Features

  • MUD-like Gameplay – classic Multi-User Dungeon style gameplay combined with 8-bit retro-style graphics.
  • Large Persistent World – explore all 16 regions of an 8-bit fantasy world inhabited by cute rabbits, vicious orcs, and everything in between.
  • Persistent PVP – player have the ability to kill anyone, anytime, anywhere. Just don’t get too carried away!
  • Tons of Items – discover over 180 unique items, ranging from seemingly mundane items like coils of rope to deadly weapons like spiked clubs and hatchets.
  • Unrestricted Trading – there are no soulbound item restrictions plus dropped items never disappear.
  • Persistent Dungeons – explore maze-like dungeons that are not instanced, where anyone can walk-in anytime they want to help out struggling players or make someone's life miserable.

Aberoth Screenshots

Aberoth Featured Video

Aberoth - Official Trailer

Full Review

Aberoth Review

By, Marc Marasigan

Aberoth is a MUD-like game set in a medieval fantasy world inhabited with all manner of creatures, from agile rabbits and blood-sucking bats, to rogues, thieves, and vicious orcs. Players begin their journey after escaping from an orcish prison with no items or skills and must acquire weapons, equipment, and a variety of other items to help them on their quest to reach the top of the global rankings. The game features 8-bit style graphics and audio similar to the Prince of Persia games on Windows 95. This might be a turn-off for some but the retro presentation has a certain charm to it and brings back memories of the times when every game was 8-bit.

Starting the Journey

Being an 8-bit game, creating characters in Aberoth is a simple process of choosing the character’s gender as well as their skin, hair, and shirt color from a number of drop-boxes. Players then begin the game inside an orcish prison which they have to escape from with the help of text hints that teach the player game basics like moving, picking up/dropping items, and attacking. After escaping from prison players find themselves in a forest and are much left to figure out where they have to go next. It’s important to note that at this point in the game, a player’s character is still temporary and will be deleted when the player dies, logs-off, or is disconnected from the game. Players need to name their character before it’s saved on the game’s servers by typing “name” hitting the Enter key and following the next command. As I mentioned earlier, Aberoth is a MUD-like game and most of the game’s commands are text-based, including interacting with NPC’s and inventory management. For those unfamiliar with MUDs, or Multi-user Dungeons, are old-school text-based MMORPGs considered as the father, or more fittingly, the grandfather of all modern MMORPGs.

Back to Basics

Like most MMORPGs, and, like the MUDs before them, Aberoth's gameplay is focused on completing quests and killing mobs that rewards players with gold, gear, and items that they can use on their journey to become one of, if not, the strongest player in the game. Unlike modern MMORPGs, a characters offensive and defensive stats are entirely dependent on equipment and only the character’s HP increases when leveling up. Quests can be started from various NPC’s located in safe areas away from mobs. Typing “quest” starts the quest with the NPC, the same command also turns in the quest after the player finishes killing the specified number of mobs.

Like most classic MMORPGs, the game uses a last-hit system in combat where the last player to hit the mob gets the kill. This system tends to be unfair and encourages kill stealing, which is why modern MMORPGs started using different systems to determine who gets the kill. Also, Aberoth’s gameplay involves a whole lot of grinding, something that the game also has in common with classic MMORPGs. Some hardcore players might be into the whole kill, kill, kill, turn in, rinse and repeat system but, unfortunately, that’s just not my thing.

It’s Never a Good Day to Die

In almost all MMORPGs, dying in the game incurs a penalty of some kind. Usually, it’s an EXP penalty, a decrease in item durability, or a combination of both. Aberoth, however, imposes a significantly harsher penalty than your average MMORPG. When a player dies in the game he drops everything he’s carrying, including weapons, armor, items, and every piece of gold he has except Engraved items—which have a 16% chance of being dropped upon death. And if that’s not enough, the player also incurs a rather large EXP penalty. This is where the game’s unrestricted trading comes into play.

Once a player respawns, any Good Samaritan can donate items, gear, and gold to help them get back on their feet. If the player is fast enough, he can still recover the items he dropped since dropped items don’t disappear in the game. This, however, also works against the player since any items he dropped are fair game to anyone who happens to pass by the spot where he died. I’ve played a few MUDs before and most of them have the same system in play supposedly because MUDs tend to lean a lot towards role-playing and the harsher penalties make the game a lot more realistic and makes players work harder to stay alive. In a persistent PVP world, however, that’s easier said than done. A good habit is to regularly deposit the gold you earn in the bank so you have a back-up just in case you die.

Survival of the Fittest

Aberoth features a persistent PVP world where PK (Player Killing) is allowed almost everywhere and anyone can attack anyone else because they feel like it. Combined with the game’s harsh penalties for dying, the game can get frustrating, really fast, especially when you come across a bully with nothing better to do than harass people and rob them of their hard-earned items and gold, or a player who kills you when you’re a few hits away from taking down a boss just so he can last hit it. There are anti-griefing mechanisms in place to keep things in check, such as a wanted system and jail-time for repeat offenders. The persistent PVP can be a bit frustrating at times but not enough to break the game. There was one time when another player attacked me and stopped just short of killing me. He then asked that I drop all the gold I had or be killed. Equipped with low-quality gear and all my gold in the bank, I defiantly said no. We all know what happened next.

Money Matters

Due to Aberoth’s 8-bit nature, it doesn’t feature an in-game Cash Shop like most MMORPGs. The game, however, has a web store where players can buy subscriptions as well as the ability to create guilds, change character names, or change their character’s appearance in exchange for real world cash. Players who subscribe to game get perks such as double EXP rates, increased HP recovery, as well as the ability to create and lead guilds for free among others. Not at all game-breaking but close. I mean, the double EXP rate alone seems a bit too much, the additional increased HP recovery perk makes things a little bit unfair for F2P players, especially in a persistent PVP world.

The Final Verdict – Fair

Aberoth is the type of game that you will either like or hate entirely depending on whether you can get past the old-school graphics. While the game definitely took a step in the wrong direction graphics-wise, it still has a certain appeal to it, especially with older players who played through the glory days of 8-bit games. But, the persistent PVP, grindy gameplay, and harsh death penalties also don't help its reputation. All things considered, the game is well-made but definitely won’t appeal to everyone except for a select breed of gamers.


Aberoth Screenshots


Aberoth Videos

System Requirements

Aberoth System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
CPU: Any
Video Card: Any
Sound Card: Any
Hard Disk Space:  290 MB available space

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP SP3 /  7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64 bit)
CPU: Any
RAM: 256 MB RAM or more
Video Card: Any
Sound Card: Any
Hard Disk Space:  200 MB or more available space

Aberoth is also available for Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.


Aberoth Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Aberoth Additional Information

Developer: Jarbit
Publisher: Jarbit

Designer(s): Yuriy Gusev

Steam Greenlight Posting: August 31, 2012

Release Date: July 17, 2015
Steam Release Date: July 17, 2015

Development History / Background:

Aberoth is a free-to-play 8-bit 2D MMORPG developed and published by Jarbit, an independent video game developer. The game is distributed by Steam but can also be played through the game's official website. The game combines old-school MUD-like features, like text-based commands, with an 8-bit 2D user interface that makes combat and interacting with the environment easier than classic MUD games.