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The Imperial Realm: Miranda

The Imperial Realm: Miranda is an MMORTS in the old-school style that takes place on a massive, seamless battlefield. War over territory over the scarred planet of Miranda while discovering its story through artifacts left behind.

Publisher: Secret Lair Games
Playerbase: Low
Release Date: 2016
Pros: +Easy drop in, drop out gameplay. +Channels the old-school Command and Conquer games. +Nemesis system helps match players up for random objectives.
Cons: -Lack of persistent structures may not appeal to some. -Dated graphics.



The Imperial Realm: Miranda Overview

The Imperial Realm: Miranda, created by Secret Lair games, is an MMORTS that channels the older Command and Conquer games in a massively multiplayer setting. The game features drop in, drop out gameplay in which players drop in, fight for territory for a bit, and drop out when they're ready, taking their structures with them. A story will be introduced through exploration. The game will also feature a "Nemesis System," in which players can queue to find an opponent and face off against them using random objectives.

The Imperial Realm: Miranda Key Features

  • A true MMORTS - wage war against thousands of other players in a massive battlefield.
  • Old-school gameplay - channeling the best of the older Command and Conquer titles, the game aims to be the same kind of RTS experience that you remember from the past.
  • Drop in, drop out - drop in, play as much or as little as you want, and drop out when ready. No worries about your base being destroyed!
  • Three unique factions - three factions, each with their own units.
  • Unique sci-fi setting - the emperor burned the world of Miranda to ashes and you can uncover its story by exploring.
  • Nemesis system - queue up against other players for a random set of objectives!

The Imperial Realm: Miranda Screenshots

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The Imperial Realm: Miranda Review

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The Imperial Realm: Miranda Screenshots


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System Requirements

The Imperial Realm: Miranda System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista or higher

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista or higher


The Imperial Realm: Miranda Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

The Imperial Realm: Miranda Additional Information

Developer(s): Secret Lair Games
Publisher(s): Secret Lair Games
Engine: Custom

Worldwide release date: 2016

Development History / Background:

The Imperial Realm: Miranda has been in development for approximately 6 years by the sole member of Secret Lair Games, Robert Basler. Basler is making the game in order to play a game similar to Command and Conquer in a massively multiplayer setting. He has been documenting his progress through his blog, One Man MMO, along the way. The game entered a friends and family pre-alpha in June 2015, featuring the base set of features. The test is planned to open up to more players "soon," with the final release being buy-to-play.