Albion Online PK Shenanigans - Grindfest Friday

Albion Online PK Shenanigans - Friday Grindfest

Albion Online PK Gameplay Video

Albion Online is a buy to play sandbox MMORPG with open world PvP and full loot (in red / black zones). In the video above we travel together and gank some people in a yellow zone to practice our PvP / Ganking skills. We talk a bit of shit for fun too. Combat is pretty straight forward and simple and abilities are determined by what gear your character has equipped. We killed a bunch of people in the video until we eventually met our match.


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  • want to play but 30$ is overprice for me cause it has also the membership system and a premium shop overkill cash grab should be like 10$ for the basic one or just the membership and premium shop with cosmetic items but free 2 play tends to get toxic or pay 2 win
    aside from that looks cool and i want to play it maybe when the prices goes lower

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