ArcheAge Moonfeather Griffin & Gearset Giveaway

As many of you are already aware, ArcheAge has a new publisher - Kakao Games, which took over publishing from Trion Worlds. To celebrate the launch of ArcheAge from Kakao, we're giving away a Moonfeather Griffin Mount and an accompanying gearset for free.

This Giveaway is for ArcheAge ONLY. If you play ArcheAge: Unchained, you'll need a key from our other giveaway.

The giveaway includes the following items:

  • Moonfeather Griffin
  • Griffin Helm
  • Griffin Saddle
  • Griffin Legguards

Grab Your Key Below:
ArcheAge Moonfeather Griffin & Gearset Giveaway

Redemption Instructions:

Login to [].
Go to [].
Enter your key in the “Redeem Code” input box.
Press “Confirm”.

Giveaway End Date: 2022 January 31 23:59