Upcoming ArcheAge Update 5.1 Revamps Hero System, Abyssal Library, Pirate Factions, And More

archeage armor screenshot

The ArcheAge community has been holding its breath since Gamigo acquired Trion World last year, especially since the devs have been eerily quiet these past few months. Archeage Producer Tinen explained in a recent forum post that they’re still working on transitioning from Trion Worlds to Gamigo. “The team has also been hard at work with the next update, which [...]

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ArcheAge Devs Give Away Gift Packs As Compensation For Server Evolution

archeage homecoming warrior

It’s been two days since the ArcheAge Relics of Hiram update rolled out and Trion Worlds is now busy giving out gift packs to appease players who were affected by the recent Server Evolution merges and the update delay. All accounts will receive a gift pack containing Hiram-themed weapons and armor, instruments, scrolls, Manastorm crystals, loyalty, an Enhanced Feathered Hope [...]

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ArcheAge 4.5: Legends Return Update Launches Tonight

Trion World's latest expansion to ArcheAge titled "Legends Return" launches tonight and brings with it 2 brand new progression fresh start servers, new dragons that can be used as battle mounts, Shadow Invasions rift events, and much more. Trion Worlds also finally released a trailer for Legends Return, which can be seen below: The 2 new progression servers are Nui [...]

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