Barons Of The Galaxy Enters Open Beta


Ofir Maimon announced today that his tick-based sci-fi MMO strategy game, Barons of the Galaxy, has entered Open Beta. Anyone can now jump in and begin hatching plans to take over the universe one city at a time.

Barons of the Galaxy looks to set itself apart in a number of ways. Multiple players can inhabit each city—you may have a building in that city, but others can also have one there. While the game contains warfare, it focuses more on the business and political aspects. Furthermore, there are in-game mechanics to balance power, meaning that the rich and powerful may not always stay rich and powerful.

Barons of the Galaxy is intended to stay in Open Beta until later this year, when a full launch is planned. For more information, or to try the game out, head over to the official website. Also be sure to check out our interview with Ofir Maimon.